6 Reasons 'Big Brother' Takeover Is Still Happening On 'BB17' Even Though There Hasn't Been A Takeover In Weeks

Ever since the Gronk Luxury Competition in Week 3, Big Brother 17 has been surprisingly absent of Big Brother Takeovers despite the fact that Julie Chen announced at the start of the season that there would be a new twist every week. So far, fans have seen the addition of two houseguests — Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race — the return of the Battle of the Block, the Twin Twist, the BB Fast Forward, Kathy Griffin's Last Laugh, Gronk's Dance Party Week, and, of course, the luxury competition, but we are now on Week 6 and there has not been another Takeover. Does that mean that Big Brother Takeovers are finished on BB17 ? Not just yet.

After all, the Takeovers have been interspersed with Twists over the last few weeks. Sure, there hasn't been a full-on, hyped up takeover, but that isn't because they're over. It's more likely that the show was just waiting out the conclusion of the two twists introduced at the beginning of the season before they go back to spicing up the game with the takeovers. After all, the Twin Twist just brought Julia Nolan into the house to play as an independent player with her sister Liz. Sunday saw the end of the Battle of the Block, and the institution of the season's first solo HoH. All the Takeovers have passed, and now all the Twists have concluded. Which means it's time for more takeovers.

Don't believe me? Here are six pieces of proof that the BB Takeover isn't quite over.

1. The Twists Were Still Going

Having the Takeovers happening while the Twin Twist and the Battle of the Block were still effect got a little chaotic and confusing, pulling our attention off the things that mattered — like Julia being the best ever, or more screentime for Jackie. Is it any wonder the Takeovers took a backseat to seeing how the two Twists played out?

2. Fans Are Already Talking

There has already been speculation that the next Takeover Twist on the horizon is a double eviction for Shelli and Clay, which I am, quite frankly, 100 percent behind. However, the announcement of America's Player is also tops on people's list of most highly anticipated Twists. The fans are talking, and the show usually listens.

3. The Game Has Reset Itself

We're back to the land of a solo HoH, and both of the twins are in the house. It's like we're starting the game all over again from the beginning with no tricks to distract us... which means it's the perfect time for the Takeovers to return to distract us.

4. There Are More House Guests Than Ever

Season 17 added Jeff, Jackie, and Julia to the mix, and, of the three, only Jeff has seen his way out the door. With so many house guests hanging around this late in the season, the Takeovers are needed to start cutting that number down to a reasonable one in time for the finale. The more people come in, the more likely it is that the Takeovers are going to come back.

5. The Sixth Sense Is Too Powerful

They're practically running the house the way the Bomb Squad ran the house in Season 16. If the Takeovers don't come back, then this season is going to get really boring really fast — even if Clay or Shelli is about to go home, and lose them a valuable number in this game.

6. The BB Takeovers Haven't Helped

Remember when Da'Vonne won The Last Laugh, made the most inexplicable choices about who to prevent from voting that week, and still went home anyway? Yeah, these Takeovers haven't really been that exciting or helpful for the house guests, so the show needs to introduce some more to really keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Don't worry, guys. Just because it's been three weeks doesn't mean we should count out the BB Takeovers. They're just lulling us into a false sense of security.

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