Will Emison Reunite At Prom On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Emily Could End Up Ali's Date After All

It’s funny that I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars for six whole seasons — through the mysteries, the deaths, the improbability of the plot choices — and it's even funnier that it’s been so easy to forget that these girls are still in high school. Now that Season 6 nearing graduation after what's seemed like an eternity at Rosewood High, it’s almost time for — you guessed it — prom. Most of the girls, like the normal high school students they are, have dates — with the exception of Hanna, apparently, due to Caleb's absence from the PLL prom photos and Ali. With Emily planning to dance the night away with Sara Harvey, every PLL fan — whether you 'ship Emison or not — has to be wondering, who will take Ali to prom on Pretty Little Liars?

It's probably an understatement to say that, even since she was kidnapped and rescued, Ali is still not the most popular girl in school. Mostly, people still hate her. Well, to put it more accurately, her fellow high schoolers hate her. She has, however, attracted a bit of male attention in recent weeks, mostly from Lorenzo, Toby’s buddy cop-movie partner — but even that is over after last Tuesday's episode. Now, a gal doesn't necessarily need a date to go to her prom (or anywhere else for that matter), but I get the feeling that Ali would really want someone to ask her. Let’s take a look at Ali’s potential prom suitors, each sure to give her a night she’ll never forget (and hopefully unlikely to kidnap her and hold her hostage).


Lorenzo would have been the best option here, except Ali ruined it by taking his swipey cop card and using it to break into the room where all of Charles’ files/investigative materials were being held. She basically drugged him and stole from him and got him in serious trouble at work, so I’m not sure that he’s going to be suiting up in his dress whites to squire her around town.


Is it humiliating for your older brother to take you to prom? There was a time when Ali and Jason were at each other’s throats, but now, with all of this new Charles information, this DiLaurentis duo is united against their dad, against Charles, and against the world. It may be good to have Jason there for back up if things get weird, but putting two DiLaurentis siblings together in the same room may be more bait than Charles can stand. Also, Jason is so brutally hot that it’s a waste to have him be paired up with his sister. Give Aria a bone.


I mean, this is kind of likely, as we saw Charles gearing up for senior prom with a backpack full of sedatives, rope, and tape. He’s primed for a new kidnapping. Of course, if Ali were with Charles she wouldn’t be attending her prom, but another weird, twisted prom a la their time in the bunker or that time Peyton’s faux brother locked her in her basement on One Tree Hill. Hopefully this suggestion doesn’t make the cut.


I know that Andrew Campbell swore off all of the Liars after he, you know, got accused of kidnapping and trying to kill them, but hey, a guy’s gotta go to prom, too. Right? Since he’s not currently attached to anyone, maybe he and Ali can share a dance or two. They can discuss topics like being falsely accused of crimes and aiming to get out of Rosewood in one piece before college.


Emily and Sara as a couple are pretty much the worst idea that this show has had since they didn’t make Ezra Big A, so I’m all for imploding that relationship before it starts. Even though Ali isn’t a lesbian and basically just kissed Emily when they were young to lead her on, maybe they can just go as best pals who used to kiss? A show of support and of apology from Ali, to Emily.

Essentially, none of these potential suitors are a perfect match for everyone's favorite formerly dead girl, Alison DiLaurentis. But it's obvious that, whoever she ends up with will probably surprise both her and PLL fans. I mean, it's Rosewood, after all.

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