What We're Reading: DOMA and Prop 8 Edition

So, you might have noticed that some news went down on Wednesday, yeah? The DOMA and Prop 8 Supreme Court decisions prompted a flurry of posts here on Bustle—we've covered politician reactions, celebrity tweets, and this touching video, for starters—but we were busy reading a lot of other fantastic reactions to the rulings, as well. Below, some of the the best op-eds and longer reads from the day:

  • Okay, neither of these really fall under the definition of "longer reads." But try not to tear up at the New Yorker 's photos of Edith Windsor learning she had successfully challenged DOMA, or Buzzfeed's photo essay chronicling Windsor and Thea Spyer's loving relationship.
  • Another New Yorker piece is a great summary of the two rulings and offers an optimistic take: "The ruling was on the grounds of a new equal-protection test, with overtones of other constitutional considerations that will be analyzed and dissected for some time, and thus will serve as a important precedent for other gay-rights cases."
  • The New York Times published a ton of editorial content on the decision. The Times Editorial Board sounded off on how very far we still have to come, due to the Supreme Court failure to establish a broad ruling establishing a nationwide right of same-sex couples to wed. See also: Andrew Rosenthal's piece and The Conversation between David Brooks and Gail Collins.
  • This is neat! Again, not a long read, but Slate compiled this cool board of photo and video reactions that's been updated constantly throughout the day.

When we find more fantastic stuff—and we will!—we'll update. Send us anything awesome you think must be added at