Maddie Ziegler Was On 'Pretty Little Liars,' But What Other TV Roles Should She Use To Kick Start Her Acting Career?

Maddie Ziegler is a young girl of many talents. She has been a reality show staple on the wildly popular Dance Moms and started becoming a household name with her emotionally evocative and incredible dance skills in Sia's music videos, especially the one for "Chandelier." Like many of us, Sia recognizes that Maddie Ziegler is a natural star and I have no doubt that she will continue her career beyond the dance stage. In fact, Maddie Ziegler recently appeared on an episode of Pretty Little Liars titled "She's No Angel" and her role is leaving fans thirsting for more of actress Maddie Ziegler.

On the episode, Ziegler used some of the creepy moves from her Sia videos to play a spooky dancer within the walls of Radley Sanitarium. This was not the first time she made a cameo on a television show, and Ziegler seems ready to take on the role of full-blown actress very soon. She told Nylon in April, “I want to be an actress, so I’ve been auditioning lately. I’d love to be on scripted TV shows and movies, but not just one — I want to be in a lot of them... I want to do it all.” She continued, “I want to audition for roles that are super creepy and eerie.”

Well, she's off to the right start with that, so I thought I'd come up with some more shows that Ziegler would fit right in on. Any of the TV shows below would definitely seal her position as a rising star in Hollywood.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Based on her recent scary role on Pretty Little Liars, Ziegler has got the creepy girl thing on lock. Plus, she'd be working with another music superstar, Lady Gaga.


Once again, if she wants creepy and eerie, look no further than a show about a girl who can go into the memories of the recently deceased. Stitchers just got renewed for a second season on ABC Family and with this role, Ziegler would be keeping it in the ABC family, too.


The 12-year-old also shared with Nylon that she's interested in singing, as well as dancing and acting, so a show like Nashville could be the perfect platform. She could play a character who joins Maddie and Daphne Conrad to form a teen country trio. Or maybe she can be Juliette Barnes' long lost little sister. The possibilities are endless and I am here for all of them.

Scream Queens

The Scream Queens cast is a whos-who of young Hollywood and older Hollywood horror legends, so she would fit right in as someone starting out in the horror world. Plus, it's a little comedic so it wouldn't be that scary for a first timer.

Fuller House

Between some scary and dramatic roles, I would love to see Ziegler lighten up and have a role in Fuller House. Full House launched plenty of careers and still remains a cult favorite for '90s kids, so it'd be wise for her to jump onto this wagon. She could definitely play one of DJ Tanner's kids' rebellious, cool girl friends a lá Gia.


MTV has a Scream film-based television show, which stars one of Ziegler's favorite actresses, Bella Thorne. This would be their time to finally worked together after shouting each other out a few times on social media.

No matter where Maddie Ziegler ends up, I can't wait to see what she has in store.

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