What Is Charles Planning For 'Pretty Little Liars' Prom? His Intentions Might Be Purer Than We Think

Anyone else starting to think that the Pretty Little Liars prom is going to make what happened in Carrie look like child's play? OK, so maybe that's a little too dark even for this show, but the point is that big things are about to happen, my friends, and life in Rosewood will never be quite the same. After all these years of waiting, A will finally be unmasked. But even though we now know the when and where this will all take place, we still don't know the what. What is it that Charles plans on doing at the PLL prom? Is his intention to re-kidnap the Liars and make them his dolls once more or does he have some new incentive up his sleeve that we have yet to know about? Right now it's still impossible to say for sure, but I have a feeling that Charles' motives may be purer than we originally thought.

Now, that's not to say that I'm trying to make Charles out to be an innocent in all of this. His actions throughout the years have more than proven the contrary. However, that doesn't mean that he's incapable of carrying out non-violent acts. In fact, I think that Charles' main purpose for attending this event isn't so much about causing harm to the Liars, but rather divulging information to them.

After all this time, I believe Charles wants them all to learn the truth about everything, which means he's going to prom for the sheer purpose of being unmasked. I mean, think about it — Charles has always been at least five steps ahead of these characters at all times. So if he gets caught, I have a sneaking suspicion that he planned it that way. He's spent so much of his time and energy on this vendetta against the Liars, he may have just reached a point where enough is enough. Like many of the show's diehard fans, Charles is ready for the truth to be out there, so that we can finally attempt to understand the method behind his mAdness.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Charles does have other ulterior motives in mind for this formal occasion. Perhaps his main intent is actually to kidnap Alison once and for all. (It certainly wouldn't be the first time PLL has proven me wrong on a theory.) But I have to believe the writers have been humanizing Charles all season for a reason. Those home movies weren't just to tease details about Charles' past. They were also meant to show viewers a different side to him and remind us that there's a possibility that he may not be just a straight up villain.

Basically, this series has taught us time and time again that nothing is ever really as it seems. So — with that logic — if Charles is heading to prom with what looks to be evil intentions, then odds are the exact opposite will occur. Either way, though, it won't be long now until we all know for sure. The time for hiding behind red coats, black hoodies, and mysterious anagrams is over. So whatever Charles has planned, it won't be kept a secret for much longer. Start scheduling those freak-outs now, folks. Because I have a feeling this one's going to be one for the record books.

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