Liz & Julia Shouldn't Be Nominated On 'Big Brother 17'... At Least Not Before The Rest Of Their Alliance

I don’t know what it is about watching The Sixth Sense alliance fall on Big Brother 17, but it is absolutely making my Big Brother viewing experience all the more delightful. But, as James has been talking through who he should nominate in case either Shelli or Clay win the Veto Challenge, I’ve been thinking about what a bad idea it would be to nominate Liz or Julia in their place.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally want to see their alliance be taken down. And is it so wrong of me that I love to see winners fail? Maybe. Or maybe it’s totally human nature that, after a number of weeks of Shelli and Clay ruling the roost in the Big Brother house, I’m totally thrilled that they are falling apart. Time for the underdogs to rise up and take charge of this game. Time for the nice guys to not finish last for once. And, with adorable and likable housemates like Meg and Becky on James’ side, it’s no wonder that I’m now totally rooting for them and for a house takeover. Still, I think it will be important for them to focus on who the big targets really are. And, for the sake of their game, those targets are not Liz or Julia. For a number of reasons.

First of all, James shouldn’t nominate Liz and Julia because there is no need to. They don’t pose a big enough threat to him or his safety in the house, even though he’s been their target in the past. Why? Because they’re totally going to self-destruct on their own. With that super awesome-then-icky moment where Julia called out Austin as being untrustworthy and Liz tried to defend her man, it was clear that their fortress of support is crumbling beneath them. There are some serious cracks in that alliance, which means there’s no need for James to target them and get their blood on his hands. Even though he says he’s doesn’t mind getting a little dirty as HoH, targeting them over Vanessa or Shelli would be a huge mistake. Especially when they’re most likely going to crumble anyway.

The other reason James shouldn’t nominate either or them? They probably wouldn’t get enough votes against them. With Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa, and Becky on their side, there wouldn’t be enough votes to get them out of the house. Which means he’d be putting them on the block only to piss them off. Not a good idea.

Also, they have Austin on their side. And Austin, as we have seen all season, is a serious pro at talking people onto his side. He’s swayed Vanessa not to vote him out, Shelli to not put Liz on the block, and Jason to not target the twins. The guy is a smooth talker. So smooth that I wouldn’t want to nominate someone who he is going to be gunning for to the rest of the house.

So I say James shouldn’t even bother with Liz or Julia. Focus on the big guys: Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, and Austin. In that order.

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