7 Floral Hair Accessories That Aren't Flower Crowns If You're Bored Of Festival Vibes

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Let's be honest: As much as a lot of us are obsessed with flower crowns, one day soon we shall have to rip ourselves away from the trend and snip the vine-like umbilical cord. There are so many different floral hair accessories out there that aren't flower crowns, and dedication to this one style might mean you're missing out on your perfect piece. It's true that the flower crown is a beautiful and much loved accessory. At this point, though, flower crown-loving femmes out there are probably wanting to experiment with other flower power accessories that aren't made of actual petals.

I totally get the A Midsummer Night's Dream forest fairy allure and I agree that sometimes an outfit just needs a flower crown, but by being close-minded to other accessories out there, you are missing out on lots of other really cool styles. For instance, floral hair combs lend an immediate injection of ladylike elegance to an outfit and evoke a slightly mermaiden feel. The same could be said for embellished floral hair slides.

If you fancy adding a different appeal to your ensemble, why not finish off your look with a chain headband worn across the forehead, which lends a medieval or hippie tone to your outfit? Enter the meadow of floral hair accessories this summer and pick a new style to try. You never know, it might be your new favorite bloom!

Images: Courtesy Brands

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