Will Kaitlyn & Shawn Get Married For Real? 'Bachelorette' History May Bode Well For Them

Now that The Bachelorette is over and Kaitlyn made her choice, the question is, will Kaitlyn and Shawn get married and truly last forever? Compared to some other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, it seems like their chances are pretty good. Clearly these two have a good amount of chemistry (I mean, she told him he was the one, like, three weeks in), and they are still together now, even when the show finished filming months ago.

The Bachelor/ette isn't known for its marital success rate, and most of the couples who have met on the show have split before they even get to the altar. Part of that is probably because the show often feels so incomplete when there's no matchup at the end that people feel pressured to propose. But, after the show finishes filming, the couple doesn't have producers helping orchestrate dates and such. So, there's a chance that Shawn and Kaitlyn's chemistry could start to wane now that she show is over.

And, of course, there are past couples that we can compare Shawn and Kaitlyn to in order to determine if Bachelor history has them walking down the aisle or not. With all that in mind, let's weigh the odds to figure out if Shawn and Kaitlyn will be a great success or another tragic failure.

Marcus & Lacy, Bachelor In Paradise

The latest Bach couple to be married (or maybe not, according to TMZ), these two gravitated to one another immediately. Lacy never even got a chance on The Bachelor, and Marcus' heart was broken by Andi. Shawn & Kaitlyn did seem affectionate, but they don't seem like the sappy types.

Chris & Whitney, The Bachelor

After a fairly boring season, Chris picked mild-mannered Whitney. The two then split up just months after their Bachelor season ended. Ouch. Kaitlyn and Shawn deserve better.

Juan Pablo & Nikki, The Bachelor

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Juan Pablo? Huge mistake. He was never meant to be the Bachelor. And, you could tell that he picked Nikki in a perfunctory kind of way. It's not surprising at all that they split after a stint on Couples Therapy. I think Kaitlyn & Shawn have a lot more chemistry than these two.

Desiree & Chris, The Bachelorette

These two seem pretty similar to Kaitlyn and Shawn. Desiree was also an eccentric brunette who was caught between two guys right up until the end. But, when Brooks Forester turned Desiree down, he made way for her to get with Chris. They wound up having a long engagement, but did get married in early 2015 — so if Shawn and Kaitlyn don't rush to the altar, I wouldn't worry for their longevity.

Sean & Catherine, The Bachelor

These two are the poster children for Bachelor couples finding love. Sean is a total puppy dog, and they claimed that their (televised) wedding night was their first together. That doesn't sound like Shawn and Kaitlyn cup of tea, because from that Snapchat spoiler, we basically know that they're not wasting any time getting to know one another. And the more I think about it, a TV wedding just doesn't seem like their style. Kaitlyn seems way too laid back. Will a non-televised wedding bode better for their success? Perhaps without the spectacle of it all, Shawn and Kaitlyn can make it last.

Holly & Blake, Bachelor Pad

A bittersweet love story, Holly may have kicked Blake off of Bachelor Pad, but they eventually reunited and got married. Uh oh, that's a point in Nick Viall's favor... maybe he'll wind up stealing Kaitlyn's heart after all. That could be bad news for Shawn.

Ashley & JP, The Bachelorette

These two had the perfect love story: They met on the show, fell in love, got engaged on the finale, got married on TV, and now have a baby. All right, Shawn, you can stop worrying. Maybe things will work out after all.

Trista & Ryan, The Bachelorette

I'm going to be honest: I've skipped over a lot of failures. Couples who broke up within months of getting together, or never even got engaged. Ones who never seemed like they were in love, or had horrible breakups. But, the first and most successful pair in the franchise, Trista and Ryan Sutter, have moved beyond being that Bachelorette couple to just being a normal married couple. (They've been wed for 12 years!) This is probably Kaitlyn & Shawn's best possible scenario.

Final Verdict: Looks Good

Overall, it looks like Shawn and Kaitlyn have a good chance of staying together. Bachelorette couples generally fare better than Bachelor couples with four weddings in 10 seasons (compared to one in 19 seasons of The Bachelor). While Kaitlyn did have some trouble choosing between Shawn and Nick, it does seem like the newly engaged couple have chemistry, and even if they take a long break between the engagement and getting married, that doesn't mean they won't succeed as a couple. The prognosis is good for the lovebirds to tie the knot, but negative for it to wind up on ABC... at least, that's my prediction. Only time will tell for sure!

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