Top 6 Things Grown-Ass Men Do On OKC

Every time someone complains about online dating, I think it’s mostly due to the messages they’re getting—the caliber of guys (or girls) is not up to par… not to mention the (several) profiles that aren’t, either (not to mention the actual dates, but that’s for another article). But, for every hundred that are bad, one is bound not to be—actually, a handful probably will not be, and, in that handful, you can find a few winners, I swear! You just need to know how to identify a winner on OkCupid.

I used to write people’s online dating profiles; it’s often about marketing yourself the right way, which many people do not do. I’ve tried many dating sites (eHarmony, Match, Tinder, OKC) and some great dates —and even a few boyfriends—have resulted from them. Like “they” say, it all depends on timing. (My Match boyfriend, I’d met in person years before, but it took Match to reunite us and let each other know we were interested.) Plus, it's still summertime now in much of the world, the best time to date!

I know, I know, each site is different. As far as OkC is concerned, the clientele are so amusing that there’s a comedy show all about them, #DateMe (it first ran in L.A. and is now in Chicago until September 8th, so go see it!). In it, the main writer and actors created fake profiles to attract real people and the results were hysterical (and sad).

Still, off stage, on OKC, how can we flat-out tell the grown-ass men from the boys?

1. They Don’t Pose With Tigers

Or snake, or other “manly” animal.

2. They Don’t Have “Bedroom Eyes” Pics

You know, the “come hither” look!

3. They Do Keep Their Shirts On

...and other articles of clothing!

4. They Know How To Write An Email

An original one, more than just “Hi” or “Hey waz up?"

5. They Also Know How To Ask Questions

So you can tell they actually read your profile, not just copied and pasted the same thing to everyone.

6. They Know How To Spell

Time and time again, this one shocks me since my profile clearly states that I’m a writer, so you’d think they could make the effort and pull out their online dictionary app!

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