Haleb Is Getting Their 'PLL' Happy Ending

Understandably, Pretty Little Liars fans have spent much of Season 6 freaking out about Charles and putting everything else on the back burner — much like the Liars themselves — but for just a few moments, that changed on Tuesday night. Amidst all of the prom madness, Pretty Little Liars revealed Hanna and Caleb's future, and it made me even more excited for the Season 6B time jump. Of course, because this is PLL, that happy moment was preceded by half an episode of fear.

Early in "Last Dance," Caleb's absence from the previously released prom photos was seemingly revealed, as he told Hanna that he was going to New York with his dad. She became suspicious, however, when she noticed an "industrial strength laptop," as she put it, packed in his bag. This lead me, and I'm sure many Haleb 'shippers, into a panic, as I tried to figure out what he was really up to. Those suspicions were confirmed when Hanna called Caleb's dad and found out they never planned a trip together. Was Caleb on a solo A-hunting mission? Is he keeping secrets from Hanna? What was happening?! Luckily, as every horrendous scenario flooded my mind, Caleb showed up at prom (much like he did to the Season 2 finale masquerade), and proceeded to deliver basically the best news ever.

Caleb, dressed in the all-white suit Hanna picked for him, told his girlfriend that he got a real, Charles-free job essentially stopping hackers (oh, the irony) in New York, where she's always dreamed of living. Though he couldn't go into detail, he did divulge that the job pays enough for him to afford not only an apartment, but Hanna's college tuition. Once she realized what he was saying, Hanna was elated, and why wouldn't she be? Once all of this Charles nonsense is over, she and Caleb will be living her dream life, far away from Rosewood. Does anyone else hear post-time jump Haleb wedding bells?For more on Pretty Little Liars' most perfect couple, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family