7 Texts Every 'PLL' Fan Sends After Each Episode

Part of being a devout Pretty Little Liars fan is collectively freaking out after each episode. (Or, in some cases, when the first two minutes of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale is released.) The show is so suspenseful that viewers can't help but react a million different ways with each episode, cliffhanger and dramatic reveal. Despite the ever-changing nature of the show (remember when we thought Toby was a threat or we believed Mona was dead?), some of those reactions tend to happen again and again, regardless of the episode watched. (It's a given that "OMG!" will be said at least a dozen times each time we tune into Pretty Little Liars.)

I would say that the summer finale will be the biggest reveal ever on Pretty Little Liars , but I trust the writers to keep bringing the suspense, general chaos and plot twists. In other words, while you may react strongly to the finale, it probably won't be the last time the show blows your mind. (That's why we love it, right?)

In any case, here are seven texts every Pretty Little Liars fan sends after watching an episode because none of us can ever handle what we just saw.

1. "Have You Watched Pretty Little Liars Yet?!"

A good PLL fan knows to check to make sure the episode won't be spoiled.

2. "I Can't Believe The Moms _________"

You can fill in the blank with anything from "got locked in the basement" to "are totally adorable." Those Rosewood parents keep us on our toes.

3. "WHAT Was Aria Wearing?"

In any given episode, she whips out at least one daring ensemble.

4. "I Can't Believe They Revealed _________"

These are the clues that keep us holding on.

5. "I Can't Believe They Didn't Reveal _________"

But for every answer, we're left with a million questions.

6. "Haleb Are Total Relationship Goals"

Hanna and Caleb: Defining teenage love since Season 1.

7. "I Totally Forgot About This Plot Line"

Wait, what ever happened to the ghostly girl who scared Ashley Marin?

And these texts just keep coming, because none of us will ever be over this show, amirite?

And once you're done texting all your friends, you're obviously going to listen to Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave:

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