Will Clay & Shelli Be A Couple In Real Life?

Like it or not, the showmance Clelli will not survive eviction this week on Big Brother 17. Both Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole are on the block this week, which means that one of them is definitely going home. Whoever remains will either stay in the house until the final two or likely be sequestered in the jury house with other booted contestants at some point. Either way, these two will be separated for a a good while. That's definitely enough to kill their romance, but they seem to think what they have is built to last. So, what will happen to Clay and Shelli when Big Brother ends?

Their showmance dominated the house and ruled the game during the beginning of the season, but their shared camera time is coming to an end. So what does this mean for the duo? They were referred to as a couple before they even shared a kiss, so was this all premature? Was their interaction just a fun way to pass some time in the house? Is there something more to Clelli than two hot blondes cuddling in the same bed? I have just as much insight as any other viewer, but we can work through the both sides of the question together.

1. They Had Immediate Chemistry

Right from the get-go, Shelli and Clay had an immediate attraction to each other and were not afraid to admit it. Chemistry is important in a relationship, but does their strong connection have the potential to turn into love? That is what all of the BB17 fans are wondering.

2. They Had No Other Options In The House

These two were among the first bunch of people who moved into the house. They've been in there the longest and immediately hit it off without pursuing or even considering any other options. Other cast members made comments about how hot the two of them were, but no one really went in for the kill. Well, Meg seems to be getting handsy with Clay, but maybe she's just a really affectionate friend? That's up for debate. Nevertheless, they had no legitimate options for a showmance, so it valid to say that these two are just together by default?

3. They Held Off Hooking Up

It took pretty much the entire time they were in the house before these two even kissed. This means that all of their quality time cuddling was fairly innocent. They have no TV or internet access, so they had to talk a lot to pass the time. They may not have known each other for long, but their quality time happened at an accelerated pace because they had no choice but to talk to each other.

4. They Have Demonstrated Loyalty During The Game

When they were making deals in the game it was to benefit them both. They tried to include each other in their success and protect each other from eviction whenever they could. Each entered this show to win a grand prize, but they focused on helping each other which is pretty admirable. Then again, Shelli slayed most of the competitions, so it wouldn't be crazy for Clay to want to align with her. Could this be looked at as beginning steps to love or was this just a good game move?

5. They Look Like Siblings

They can't help what they look like, but many of the cast members are stuck on the fact that Clay and Shelli have some sort of resemblance. In all honesty, I think that they just share some general features: Blonde hair, great tan, beautiful smile, but they do not look like definite siblings. The really weird thing is how Clay and Shelli's twin brother are the ones who look like twins, and I'll never get over the similarities there. How can Shelli cuddle with her brother's doppelganger? At this point I would like to hope that she sees Clay as more than just her brother's clone, but every once in a while I feel like she has to be weirded out by the similarities — right? Right?

6. They Work Well Together

Clearly Shelli wears the pants in the relationship and Clay seems to be totally okay with that. She wears them well and it can be argued that her skills as a game player kept Clay in the house this long. They are great collaborators in this game, so I can see that transitioning into making decisions as a couple in real life.

7. They Have A 10 Year Age Gap

Personally, I don't think this is a huge deal, but it gets brought up an awful lot on the show. If the two of them connect, the two of them connect. Who cares about the age difference? Clay just graduated college and is pursuing grad school. Shelli has already been married and divorced. They are in two different phases of life, but can they make it work?

8. They Basically Just Met

This season premiere of Big Brother aired on June 24. This was a week after the contestants were in the house. This means that the two of them have not known each other for very long. With that said, it could be considered an accelerated course in dating since basically all they are allowed to do is talk to each other. It's possible that their connection is deeper than we suspect.

9. They Live In Two Different States

The toughest part about them surviving outside of the Big Brother house is that they will be outside of the Big Brother house. Clay resides in Texas since he is pursuing a graduate degree at Texas A&M and Shelli is an interior designer in Atlanta. It would be a tough transition going from quality time every day to long distance dating. There is plenty of technology these days to bridge the gap, but nothing replaces in person interaction.

As for their chances outside the house? Well, if they prioritize each other and communicate outside the house in an effective manner like they did in the house, then I think Clelli has a real shot at transforming the showmance into a romance.

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