Raking All Of The Posters From 'Weeds'

It's been one decade since Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) strolled into town and gave the world a lesson in iced coffee and drug dealing. Weeds, the Showtime series about a suburban druglord, premiered 10 years ago and television has been a lot ...hazier ever since. I sincerely doubt without the popularity of Weeds such hemp-heavy comedies like Broad City, Workaholics , or The League would have found as much success. Weeds made drug humor bankable for major networks. However, the show was far from being a lighthearted romp. Weeds was a dark comedy and towards the end of the series, it was much more dramatic and heavy than its first three or four seasons.

You can see how Weeds evolved by taking a look at the series' posters. There's a big difference from the smiling faces and pastels in Season 1 to the leather clad vixen surrounded by bullet holes in Season 8. The posters from Weeds were iconic and reminded us of the era when Showtime combatted with HBO for the top premium cable network.

Weeds, which was created by Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black), gave us a female anti-hero who was a disturbingly relatable criminal and these posters really remind me how much I miss Nancy Botwin on television. Here's a ranking of all the Weeds posters:

8. Season 3

For a show as cutting edge as Weeds, this poster sure was safe. It also has a floating head effect going on if you stand far enough away from the screen. Creepy.

7. Season 1

This was our first introduction to weeds and it gives you a clear story about who's in charge, who's the villain, and who has shoulders that are just too sexy to be kept under a velour jacket.

6. Season 7

Something about this poster just feels off — maybe it's because Season 7 took place in New York when Weeds was always about Southern California. Mary-Louise Parker looks more like Tomb Raider than Nancy Botwin.

5. Season 8

It's clever and poppy, but the image is almost identical to Season 5. It looks great, but is lacking in creativity.

4. Season 5

See what I mean? This one also has a better pun.

3. Season 6

Finally! The rest of the family returns. Nancy is the boss and the boys are her cronies. What's not to love?

2. Season 4

Simple and harkens back to the show's sweet as pie opening song "Little Boxes." It's sexy, cheeky, and just devious enough. It encapsulates what made Weeds so great, before it got out of hand.

1. Season 2

I love Nancy being surrounded by flowers with everyone behind her looking seemingly harmless. The dichotomy of the show and this poster is what got people so excited about Weeds in the first place. It gave off an approachable image that had a very sinister story underneath. She was the villain that everyone loved to love.

Images: Showtime (9)