Do The 'BB17' Housemates Know About Judas?

I always wonder how much the Big Brother housemates actually know about each other while they live together in the house. Considering they only meet each other once they’re in the house — where there’s no Internet or telephones or access to the outside world — I’m assuming they know next to nothing other than what each houseguest reveals to them. It makes sense then that, unless they recognize a familiar face from the start, the houseguests really have no idea who it is that they’re playing with. That’s why no one recognizes Vanessa Rousso as the second-highest ranked female poker player in the country, that’s why no one knew that Da’Vonne is actually a poker dealer (aka, not a first grade teacher), and that’s why no one has a clue about Austin’s wrestling alter ego: Judas Devlin.

When it comes to the latter, it's probably a good thing for him that they don’t. The name itself would give enough away about how he might intend to play the Big Brother game (and how he has been proven to play it) to wreck him with his allies. He’s smart to keep his wrestling past a relative secret so that the houseguests not only see him as less of a threat, but also so that they don’t catch onto the fact that he’d sell them down the river the minute they got near the edge.

Judas — er, I mean Austin — has done a pretty good job of keeping his alter ego on the DL. The only time I have seen him mention it by name, or call himself by his other title, is in the Diary Room... well-insulated against any prying eyes or eavesdropping ears. Maybe he’s told Liz something about it while he was rubbing her feet or trying to get her to kiss him, but otherwise, there’s been no mention that I’ve heard of Judas Devlin in front of the other houseguests.

So my guess is that the other houseguests have no idea that Austin’s alter ego is Judas Devlin, the guy who goes after his “best friends” and stabs them in the back. If he’s smart, he’ll make sure that they never have that dirt on him and that they continue to think of him as the poor, beaten up, retired wrestler who kinda sucks at the physical challenges.

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