Summer Roberts Quotes To Get You Through Life

There are few shows that boast as many beloved characters as The O.C. This teen drama pretty much has every character type you could ever want: the wise, witty dad (Sandy), the loner with a secret heart of gold (Ryan), and the super adorable nerd (Seth) who would do anything for a rare edition comic book or the love of his life, Summer. Speaking of her — it's really Summer who is perhaps the most lovable character on The O.C., ever. Who doesn't adore the popular girl who, beneath her perfectly coiffed hair and her designer jeans, is actually pretty hilarious and the most diehard of any friend you'll ever have? Summer may have started the show as the token Queen Bee, but she became way more than that.

One of the very best things about Summer? The fact that she was capable of whipping out the most amazing one-liner at the drop of a hat. Like her true love Seth, Summer knew exactly what to say at any given moment — even when she was suffering from a rage blackout. Summer quotes are surprisingly useful to dish out during many of life's more stressful moments, so O.C. fans can thank this Orange County girl for helping us all get through our rougher days.

Here's how to use Summer's quotes in your everyday life, because sometimes you need some help from the eternal prom queen:

1. When You Were Going To Give Up On A TV Show, And Then The New Episode Was Really, Really Good

It was a rough season, sure, but had you known this plot twist was coming, you would have never dreamed of removing it from your DVR.

2. When Your Tinder Match Still Hasn't Messaged You Back

Ugh, this is the last time you swipe right on someone who includes a shirtless selfie in their pics.

3. When Someone Asks Why Chris Pratt Is Your Phone Background

Sure, he's famous and married and has no idea who you are... but a girl can dream, right?

4. When Your Friend Has An Extra Ticket To The Taylor Swift Concert

Because you will do anything to sing along to "Blank Space" alongside TayTay.

5. When You Hear Your Friend Is Back With Her Awful Ex

There's only so many times you can explain to her that he's completely awful and unworthy. This single syllable should do the trick now.

6. When A Family Member Asks You What You Plan To Do After College

Sure, their son may be going to law school, but you're not going to apologize for not having your 10 year plan locked down just yet.

7. When You've Just Come Down From Being Hangry & Realized You Were Being The Worst

You don't want to burn all your bridges with your friends just because you didn't have time to scarf down your morning bagel that day.

8. When Someone Asks If You're Sick After You Went Makeup-Free To Work

Nope, perfectly healthy, but thanks for suggesting that a bare face equals having the flu.

9. When Your Friend Drags You To Her Kickboxing Class & You're Ridiculously Uncoordinated

You aimed for the bag. Swear!

10. When You're Freaking Out About A Job Interview

Because, really, how do you answer "How do you spend your free time?" without talking about Netflix, online shopping marathons, and Tequila Tuesdays?

11. When Your Co-Workers Tell You They're Going On A Juice Cleanse

LOL, okay.

12. When You Screamed At Someone Who Cut You Off, & They Start Yelling Back

It's a medical condition.

Summer may not be the most standard of life coaches, but it's hard to deny she's the most inspiring. Now, go forth and live your best Summer life.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (11); cohenchrismukkah/Tumblr