9 Sushi Fashion & Accessories For Ladies Who Love A California Roll

Who could have guessed that the world would become so enamored with sushi that designers would take this signature fish dish as inspiration to create sushi fashion? Well, it's happening sushi lovers! Sushi-inspired fashion has hit it big with huge designer names in the sartorial-based industry falling for this trend hook, line, and sinker.

Issey Miyake has added the cutest sushi bento set to its Pleats Please line, which is actually the most adorable set of accessories imaginable. The entire sushi-inspired set hosts items that, at first glance, appear to be a much loved piece of sushi (such as egg nigiri), which then unfurl to reveal a functional item such as a purse. My favorite pieces are the cucumber roll, which transforms into a pleated band, and the sea urchin maki sushi, which evolves like a Pokémon into a drawstring bag.

This seafood snack has even made its way onto the nails of celebs. Georgia May Jagger got her nails done by Marian Newman and went for a really cool sushi-inspired nail design. About a year ago, The Independent dubbed sushi nails as a hot beauty trend in Japan's social media, and it's easy to see why. Any foodie would start drooling at the mouth for these adorable nails.

1. The I Love Tokyo Tee

Tokyo Ringer Tee, $15, forever21.com

If you're a sushi lover, you'll need this comedic T-shirt in your life quicker than you can say "salmon roll."

2. The Platter Necklace

Sushi Platter Necklace, approx. $9, hannahmakesthings.com

Super sushi fans can now wear a platter pendant containing a selection of sushi. Choose from a round mixed platter, a rectangular mixed platter, or a round platter solely containing rolls.

3. The Otaku Diet Bracelet

Sushi Otaku Diet Rubber Bracelet, $5, hottopic.com

Wear your love of sushi loud and proud on your wrist with this quirky "Otaku Diet" bracelet.

4. The Salmon Sushi Earrings

Handmade Pair Of Realistic Salmon Sushi Earrings, $15, etsy.com

These handmade earrings look so realistic and literally good enough to eat.

5. The Sushi Skater Dress

Colorful Tone Sushi Set Meal Pattern Sleeveless Dress, $16, amazon.com

This scrumptious skater dress is for serious sushi lovers and it comes in sizes XS to 2XL.

6. The Sushi Print Leggings

Sushi Lovers Leggings, $24, sourpussclothing.com

These multicolored sushi leggings are sure to pair with an array of colors, so you can give your friends a hint of where you want to go for dinner.

7. The Super Realistic Sushi Ring

Ikura Sushi Ring, $9, etsy.com

This ikura nigiri sushi ring is absolutely adorable. Just don't leave it lying around as someone might mistake it for the real deal!

8. The Cartoony Sushi Socks

ASOS Sushi Socks, $6, asos.com

These sweet sushi socks need to be shown off, so pair them with some clunky high-heeled sandals for summery sushi vibes.

9. The Kooky Sushi Scarf

Yummy You! Sushi Scarf, $30, hottopic.com

Fall is fast approaching, so be prepared with this quirky sushi scarf to keep you warm when the days get cooler.

There's nothing fishy about sushi-inspired fashion, so dig in to this delightful trend!

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy