9 'Pokemon' Inspired Outfits You Need Now

There's some great news for all my fellow poké-trainers out there: You now can relive your childhood dreams and dress like a pokémon trainer in pokémon-inspired fashion. Every Saturday morning as a kid, I would run down to the living room and watch the latest episode of the TV series before my dance class. When I got the game for my birthday, you could not tear me away from my Atomic Purple Game Boy Color for love nor money. I would sit for hours debating which pokémon to take into my next gym battle, weighing out their weaknesses and strengths against my opponent's pocket monsters. As a nostalgic nod to my childhood, my dad gave me a Nintendo 3DS a couple of Christmases back, complete with Pokémon X and the love affair was reignited. Of course, I barely recognized any of the new pokémon but it didn't matter because the aim of the game was still the same and the graphics were delicious.

It was then that I stumbled upon the witty, tongue in cheek website Pokemon&fashion, which features high end fashion photography with pokémon superimposed in. I felt like the mothership was calling me home. I also discovered that the LA Pokémon Boutique popped up recently in Los Angeles in collaboration with Japan LA Pop Culture Shop. Pop-up shoppers could buy Pokémon clothing, get photos with characters, and have their nails done — what a dream come true! It is even reported that some celebrities are beginning to look like Pok é mon characters, which IMO is always a good thing.

So if you, too, wish to combine your passions of pokémon and fashion, then here you shall find a selection of clothing and accessories to save you from traveling across the land, searching far and wide.

1. The Ash Ketchum Hoodie

Pokémon Ash Ketchum Hoodie, $70-80,

Back in the day, you didn't have the luxury of choosing whether you wanted to play as a boy or a girl, although you could change your name if you wanted to. However, I would always stick with the name "Ash" to stay authentic to the character of the anime Ash Ketchum. I let out a little high pitched squeak like a Rattata when I realized my dreams of becoming Ash IRL could come to fruition with this hoodie. It also comes in sizes XS to 3XL. Score!

2. The Poké Ball Lunch Bag

Pokémon Poké Ball 3D Lunch Bag, $16,

Are you in need of a new lunch bag for school or work? This fun lunch bag brings a whole new meaning to playing with your food.

3. The Pikachu Hoodie

Pokémon Pikachu Girls Costume Hoodie, $44,

Due to the popularity of the Pokémon TV series, Pikachu arguably became one of the most adored pokémon of all time. He even had his own spin off game of the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue games called Pokémon Yellow. Pikachu fans rejoice, because this sunshine yellow hoodie is available in sizes XS to 5X so we can all pretend to be Pikachu.

4. The Pokémon Crop Top

Pokémon Crop T-Shirt, $12,

Wouldn't these crop tops look absolutely adorable with a pair of high waisted denim shorts and some knee high socks? Choose your favorite pokémon from Squirtle, Pikachu, Mew, or Jigglypuff.

5. The Poké Ball Sweater

Pokémon Poké Ball Girls Pullover Top 3XL, $23,

Show the world you're a serious gamer in this poké ball inspired pullover, which comes in sizes 2X and 3X.

6. The Collage T–Shirt

Pokémon Collage T–Shirt, $50,

Can't decide which pokémon is your favorite? No problem, you can flaunt them all in this quirky collage print T–shirt.

7. The Poké Bra

Hand Painted Pokémon Bra, $26-30,

If you wish to keep your Pokémon obsession under wraps, then you'll need this comedic Poké Bra in your life. With its hand-painted finish and its hilariously placed buttons, it's definitely a great piece to add to your collection.

8. The Preppy Boyfriend Cardigan

Mighty Fine Pokémon Boyfriend Cardigan, $36,

Combine your loves of preppy fashion and pokémon in this too cool for school, boyfriend style cardigan. Featuring a Pikachu design including an adorable embroidered Pikachu plus poké ball buttons — my heart is going to explode — this is definitely a garment for the fashion savvy pokémon trainer.

9. The Game Of Thrones X Pokémon Collaboration

Dracaryzard T-Shirts & Hoodie, $25-53,

I am so excited about this! This clever tee incorporates a design of a three-headed Charizard, which is a pop culture nod towards the House Targaryen sigil from Game of Thrones . The nerd girl in me needs this tee. If you don't fancy a T-shirt design, you can choose from an array of tops from organic tees to hoodies.

Now you can be the very best at Pokémon-inspired fashion, and what better honor is there in this world, really?

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy (3)