What's The Song In The Diet Coke Car Wash Ad? This Commercial Features Not One, But Two Tunes — VIDEOS

Well, well, well. What have we here? It's another cool Diet Coke ad where someone drinks the carbonated beverage only to start seeing things? In one of the TV spots for the diet version of the iconic soda, the act of drinking the beverage magically transforms a run-of-the-mill drive-thru car wash into a bubble-themed Jay Gatsby soirée. And because this is a Diet Coke ad, of course there's a good tune. Actually, there are two good tunes. That's right— there are two different versions of the commercial. One version of the Diet Coke car wash ad features the song "Clash" by French band Caravan Palace, and the other features "You Got The Magic" by singer Tammy Infusino. You can find "Clash" on Caravan Palace's second studio album, Panic, and "You Got The Magic" appears to have been recorded for the ad.

Not unlike the recent TV spots for its non-diet companion, the Diet Coke advertisements as of late have included some seriously great bops: "How You Get The Girl" in the Taylor Swift sea of kittens commercial; "Suit" by Boom! Bap! Pow! in the airplane dance party commercial; and now, "Clash" and "You Got The Magic" in the car wash bubble bash commercial. Jams on jams on jams on jams.

You can check out "You Got The Magic" over on Vamnation Entertainment's site. If you'd like to listen to "Clash", here you go:

Here's the "Clash" version of the ad:

And here's the "You Got The Magic" version of the ad:

Image: Diet Coke/YouTube