7 Celebrity Friends Of Alexis Bledel That Show Just How Down-To-Earth The Former 'Gilmore Girls' Star Is

Ever since the world got to know her as a young teen on Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel has been up there on a lot of people's lists as a celeb they'd like to have as a friend. There's just something about her — she seems intelligent, fun, and down-to-earth. Like her character Rory Gilmore, it's easy to believe Bledel's talent, charm, and beauty would help her gain easy access to everything she wants in Hollywood — the equivalent of Chilton Prep — but that she prefers the comforts of Star Hollow High School (aka normal life where Bledel chooses to support important issues like gay marriage and defends the rights of others, even though she could easily hide away in a Hollywood bubble if she wanted).

Even when Bledel cozies up to celeb friends, they are often people she has known for years, as is the case with the girls from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or her Gilmore Girls co-stars. She isn't into clubbing and being seen for the sake of increasing her celebrity power. She isn't a demanding diva who leaves others trembling when she leaves a room. She genuinely seems like she cares for the people in her inner circle, and they seem to respond to her with respect, love, and loyalty.

Here are seven celebrities who are lucky enough to hang with Bledel (and vice versa).

1. Vincent Kartheiser


These two gorgeous kids met and fell in love on the set of Mad Men , after Bledel was cast as Pete Campbell's doomed mistress in Season 5. They might not have known that they were destined for family life, but the show's creator, Matt Weiner, told New York Magazine he was certain from the moment he saw them together that they were going to stand the test of time. The couple is notoriously private and, according to Us Weekly, opted to throw a low-key wedding last summer in Ojai, Calif. Costar Rich Sommer said their wedding was "very much them," which serves as proof that they are on the same wavelength.

2. Amber Tamblyn

Tamblyn is just one of the Sisterhood girls who is extremely close to Bledel — so close that they hang on a regular basis, attend each other's weddings, and post cute photos like these, showing them sharing a meal like normal buddies. When Tamblyn held her book release party for Dark Sparkler at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York City, Bledel was right there cheering her on and helping her celebrate her huge accomplishment.

3. Blake Lively

So maybe Bledel isn't godmother to Blake Lively's baby James — no biggie. The fact remains that she will likely have special aunt status from now until eternity because Bledel and Lively are that tight. When America Ferrera performed in the Off-Broadway show Lips Together Teeth Apart, Bledel, Black, and Tamblyn made it a point to be there for her. Their support for one another is an inspiring example for successful women.

4. America Ferrera

Just when you think these ladies can't get any closer or cuter, they continue to post crazy photos like this one, which show they love each other, love you because they've given you this gift, and are crazy about photo booths. When chatting with Us Weekly about a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film in the works, Ferrera had this to say: "They’re my girls, three of my best friends to this day. I was 20 when I met them, I am 30 now and they are still three of my best friends and supporters. Why I love that movie so much was at that time there wasn’t a lot of sisterhood and stories of young girls being supportive of each other."

5. Katherine Heigl

In terms of reputation (I'm sorry, Katherine): Heigl and Bledel are like day and night. Bledel's 36-year-old Jenny's Wedding costar is known for being a bit of a pill on set, but leave it to Bledel to be able to look past all of that nonsense and strike up enough of a friendship with Heigl that the two can enjoy dinner and a few laughs together. Bledel is just the friend Heigl needs in her life.

6. Mae Whitman

Hilarity ensued after Bledel met a very excited Mae Whitman, who played Lauren Graham's daughter on Parenthood, and posted this super-cute photo of them on Twitter. I'm sure the two had lots to talk about, considering how they are (sort of, kind of) related, or would be if TV were real life (which would be amazing).

7. Lauren Graham

In an interview with Reddit, Graham said she and Bledel will always have "a special bond," but it's pretty clear they've never hung out the way she does with her Sisterhood costars — which is understandable given there is an age difference between them. But, guess what? As they continue to grow older and "catch up" with one another, anything is possible — at the Gilmore Girls reunion, Bledel said she auditions for TV pilots all of time — how long before producers find a way to get these two back on screen together again?

As you can see, Bledel doesn't have a ton of wild celeb friends who she goes partying with all the time, but she does keep up with the friends she's known forever and it's clear these relationships are there for the long haul.