7 Songs Every Virgo Should Listen To (Because Perfectionists Need The Ultimate Playlist)

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos enjoy celebrating their birthdays during one of the most blissful of season changes. The summer heat begins to dwindle into the crispness of fall, but the sun is still burning bright enough to squeeze in one last beach trip before we all begin donning our riding boots and fashionable scarves. It seems appropriate that detail-oriented Virgos can enjoy a birthday that most often lands during a period where the weather abstains from being too harsh, as their parties likely tend to be a work of perfection. Those that fall under the astrological sign are said to hold a bevy of positive traits, including stability, meticulous work ethic, and razor-sharp wit.

An earth sign like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos may appear to be more reclusive than more boisterous zodiacs — such as Libras and Scorpios — but their pensiveness is not to say that they don't enjoy being around others. Virgos are generous and caring, and their ability to abstain from impulse and take things one step at a time also makes them the perfect mate and confidant. I, myself, just barely missed the Virgo boat by being born on October 1 — making me a lovably indecisive Libra. Although I love to let my social Libra flag fly every opportunity I get, I have nothing but love for my Virgo friends, and certainly admire their selectiveness and drive.

A hardworking Virgo shouldn't have to display their intellectual prowess and unremitting energy without a good playlist in tow. I mean, honestly, none of us should be without some good tunes — amiright?? In celebration of this lovely sign, let's take a look at some of the best songs for Virgos to jam to.

1. Beyoncé "Upgrade U"

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

If there's one thing Virgos know all about, it's taking care of business. One famous Virgo — the "Queen Bee" Beyoncé, herself — articulates this point perfectly in the addictive "Upgrade U" circa 2006.

2. Monica "The First Night"

MonicaVEVO on YouTube

While some of us (me) have a tendency to fly headfirst into romance, Virgos like to take their time. This track by Monica exemplifies Virgos' interest in allowing romance to offer a slow burn rather than a whirlwind.

3. Bachman-Turner Overdrive "Takin' Care Of Business"

Tenacious Virgos will appreciate this oldie, as they are likely "Takin' Care of Business" at such a sophisticated level, they have an entire shelf dedicated to "Employee of the Month" awards.

4. Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song"

Bruno Mars on YouTube

Even the most driven of Virgos need a respite from their workload. Moreover, this song encompasses the sign's nature to enjoy a day of serenity and Netflix binging, rather than a night of bar hopping and pulsing beats.

5. Landon Pigg "Can't Let Go"

LandonPiggVEVO on YouTube

While Virgos crave stability and like to take things slow in their romances, those falling under the sign also tend to be retrospective when it comes to past love affairs. For my lovely Virgos that "Can't Let Go" just yet of an ex, let all those feels out with this ballad from Landon Pigg.

6. Taylor Swift "Begin Again"

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Not only do I consider this to be one of the most beautifully underrated Taylor Swift ballads of all time, the sweet reticence detailed in the song is a perfect match for Virgos who maintain cautious optimism in the dating world.

7. Jessica Simpson "With You"

jessicasimpsonVEVO on YouTube

R.I.P. early 2000s MTV reality hit, Newlyweds — #NeverForget. Anyway, the reason for this song selection is the down-to-earth nature of Virgos. When it comes to love, friendships, and work, those falling under this sign tend to be the ultimate realists.

To all my pensive, hardworking, detailed Virgos out there — I hope you enjoy this list. Keep rocking that wit and remember to never, ever change.