Cat-Themed Fashion & Accessory Pieces To Help You Celebrate International Cat Day In Style

Though every weekend is a call for celebration, there's something a little more special about Saturday, Aug. 8. That's right, it's International Cat Day! Take some time out of your busy schedule of brunching and Netflixing and cuddle with one of woman's best friends. And why not take your cat appreciation a step further by dressing the part? There's plenty of cat-themed fashion out there.

Even though we all know that cat lovers treat every day like it's International Cat Day, this is the perfect excuse to tap into some feline style inspiration when planning your outfit. Many already take nods from their furry friends in their everyday looks. Just consider cat eye liner and sunglasses, which are both go-tos for so many women. You definitely have your cat's ancestors to thank for that purrfect going-out beauty look.

Though you may not want to sport a full-blown cat costume to your Saturday evening activities, adding a little bit of kitten inspiration will definitely give your outfit a unique and, most importantly, adorable, twist. Here are some definite cat-approved pieces that will give your outfit an element of the tongue-in-cheek. Go ahead and enjoy your special #Caturday with these six kitty-inspired pieces.

1. Cat Eye Sunnies

River Island Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses, $23.39, asos

2. Tights With An Adorable Twist

Wherefore Art Thou, Ro-meow? Tights, $14.99, ModCloth

3. Feline-Friendly Evening Bag

Skinnydip Cat Cross Body Bag, $62.70, asos

4. Subtle Nod To Your Cat Lady Status

Sterling Silver Cat Ring, $13.30, Etsy

5. Cat Flats

Up Your Alley Cat Flat, $59.99, ModCloth

6. Cool Cat Beanie

Cat Ear Beanie Hat, $26, Topshop

And, since it is International Cat Day, a cat gif is basically mandatory:


Happy celebrating!

Images: Courtesy Brands, Giphy