7 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finalists' Audition Tapes That Will Blow You Away

Although the original auditions and Vegas callbacks for So You Think You Can Dance weren't that long ago, once the live shows starts, the audition process seems like a distant memory. But as dancers get eliminated, it's good to look back at the So You Think You Can Dance finalist audition tapes to see why these dancers initially wowed judges Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul, and Jason Derulo — and the audience. There are still 14 dancers left on the show and as they tackle new dances and dance styles each week, it's fun to go back to see their signature styles highlighted when being on the FOX series was just a dream and not a reality.

While not every dancer who makes it to the live shows is highlighted during the initial audition process, there are some who stand out so much from the start that SYTYCD can't help but show off their auditions. Some dancers didn't get to shine on national TV until Vegas, but all showed they were worthy of making it to Team Street or Team Stage. With two more people saying goodbye this week, here are seven of the auditions from the talented group of So You Think You Can Dance finalists.

Megan "Megz" Alfonso

The female Team Street dancers are tearing it up for Season 12 and Megz proved why she deserved a spot on the So You Think You Can Dance stage right off the bat.

Yorelis Apolinario

Yorelis showed her sultry street moves at the Vegas callbacks.

Gaby Diaz

Gaby had auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance before, but the judges thought her dance was too busy. This time around, her tap dance to dance competition-favorite "Endangered Species" won over the judges.

Hailee Payne

Hailee showed her fierceness — and why she hasn't been in the bottom six yet — in her initial audition.

Derek Piquette

Derek impressed his Team Stage captain, Travis Wall, during the Vegas callbacks, as he shared part of his audition on his Instagram.

Jessica "JJ" Rabone

Jessica Rabone on YouTube

Although JJ may not have been getting tons of recognition in her native Japan because of her famous sister, she has always been a star on So You Think You Can Dance.

Jana "Jaja" Vankova

Jaja got a standing ovation from the judges for her eclectic moves in her initial audition — and has been getting the crowd amped ever since.

Image: Adam Rose/Fox