Guys Try Liquid Eyeliner, End Up Looking Like Inky & Tear-Stained Hot Messes — VIDEO

Using liquid eyeliner is an art. It takes lots of time and effort to master, even for seasoned eyeliner veterans who do this daily. So it's no surprise that when guys tried liquid eyeliner for the first time, most of them ended up looking like inky, hot messes. Welcome to another hilarious installment of the BuzzFeed series where gentlemen are always game to try false eyelashes or attempt to navigate life with fake nails.

Drawing a straight line across the upper lashes and doing the cat-eye flick takes plenty of practice and patience. Therefore, I had a feeling that these first-timers were bound to fail. Still, the boys tried a simple and classic eyeliner look and the extremely complicated fishtail flick, which I find to be next-to-impossible, even for a eyeliner expert like myself.

Despite the smudged makeup, these dudes appeared to have developed a new respect for what beauty mavens go through as part of their routines. One even marveled that his girlfriend is able to apply eyeliner while in the car, traversing bumpy terrain.

The resulting liner looks were smeared and tear-stained. And even lines? Yeah, those didn't happen. To say that these liquid eyeliner attempts were epic fails would be an understatement. Regardless, this was a funny and frustrating endeavor for these men.

Is this eyeliner application or a scene from a horror movie? He feared the liner. One gentleman admitted that liquid eyeliner "terrifies" him. Another wondered aloud if eyeliner is a tool to "hide eye boogers." Ew!

One eyeliner experimenter feared being stabbed in the eye. This eyeliner virgin was getting all up in there.

With maybe 100 or so more tries, he might become a liquid liner pro.

This guy tried, but ended up crying. Eyeliner had an onion-like effect for him. Boo hoo!

You know, his first try wasn't too, too bad.

That's supposed to be the fishtail flick.

This was probably the best try of the bunch. Of course it needs some — OK, a lot of — work and some cleaning up. But he sorta had the hang of it.

He felt like he was punched in the face, thanks to the black and blue result.

Hey, I'd say they all earned a big "E" for effort.

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Lauren Conrad should be proud.

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