Girl Writes 49 College Tips For Her Little Sister, And Reading It Is Going To Make Your Nostalgia So Real — PHOTOS

I've been very busy this week ignoring my emotions, because my baby sister is going to college for the first time this fall and if I let myself think about it I'm going to burst into reality television worthy tears. But another big sister went above and beyond the call of duty, crafting this list of things to know before you go to college — 49 of them, in fact. Imgur user gurltalk compiled the expansive list and then wrote it all by hand, classy person-style. And since 'tis the season for pre-college anxiety and older sibling emotions, this was basically a perfect recipe for going mad viral on the internets.

Of course, there is no "one size fits all" going to college. This girl's advice to her sister certainly won't apply to everyone. (Can I get a "WOOT" from all the other awkward freshman year designated drivers in the back?) But the feel of it is so universal that even if you don't take all of her advice, you can appreciate all the time and love that went into making it. Plus, she tells her sister a lot of mega important things that none of those fancy schmancy "How To College 101" books even touch on. (Example: BRING TAMPONS. Bring them EVERYWHERE.)

Here's the full list:

I really wish my freshman self had gotten a peek at this beforehand. I would have spared me a lot of 90-minute classes in soggy sneakers, and I probably would have caved into Instagram a lot sooner than I did. (Something I have learned in my ~adult~ years is that you can never have too many pictures, and picture-shaming people will be full of #ragrats when they are old.) But because no list will ever fully encapsulate everything you ever need to know about college, I've decided to tack on a few of my own:

1. Never Feel Guilty About Staying In And Watching Netflix

I say this partially because ... well, Netflix. I say this also because BACK IN MY DAY, if I wanted to marathon a television show, I had to do it the old fashioned way: ILLEGALLY. You youngsters don't even know what kind of advantage you have over us olds, and I've only been outta college for two years. You are living in the Dawn Of Netflix. You don't even know what the word buffering means, probably.

2. Take At Least One Psychology Class

It will mess you up, but like, in the best way.

3. Fairy Lights Are Always A Good Idea

I was too lazy to put them up in my dorm, but I sure as hell flocked over to all the dorms of friends who weren't. Be that friend. That friend is the coolest.

4. Learn How To Make Stuff In Mugs

This is imperative to your survival. Here's the holy grail of mug food articles to get you started.

5. Do You

I understand that that's vague, but it's kind of meant to be. So do you. You're in charge of what's going on in your life for basically the first time ever, and you're never going to learn how to drive if you keep letting other people pipe up from the backseat. Do what makes you happy, take the kinds of chances you want to take, and learn to live with them, good and bad. And then go make a mug cake. (Spoiler: All my life advice ends with, "And then go make a mug cake," and I think it's the best advice a human can give.)

Images: Sadie Hernandez/Flickr; Giphy(4)