Will Chris Brown & Zayn Malik Collaborate? 7 Things Their Song Needs To Have

Is a new partnership on the horizon? It's been less than a month since Zayn Malik signed with RCA, officially launching his career as a solo artist. One Direction fans have been speculating about Malik's new venture (and freaking out when reported Zayn Malik demos leak online), but it looks like the singer could team up with a Grammy-winning artist. In a recent interview, Chris Brown said he'd collaborate with Malik, which would make for pretty epic results.

"Of course, of course [I'd work with him],” Brown told Capital FM (via Billboard). “I don't shy away from anyone and I think he's a great artist."

Yep, Zayn Malik x Breezy could totally be a thing. I'm not the only one who's pushing for this to happen. Brown pretty much sent word to Malik that he's available to hit the studio whenever.

"Now he's doing his solo thing," Brown added. "I know he has a huge fanbase and the fans are waiting to hear his stuff, so it would be cool to get down and collab. I'm not a hard guy to get in the studio with -- I'm on everybody's songs -- so any time."

Just in case the two artists need an jumping point, here's a guide to seven things their collaboration needs to have.

1. A Zayn Malik Glory Note

I'll miss hearing him hit that note in "You and I."

2. Brown's Falsetto

Brown's range is impressive and he needs to rock it on this collaboration.

3. A Mix Of Pop And R&B

Both Malik and Brown have the ability to inject some soulfulness into pop songs.

4. Authenticity

Forget the rumors. This collaboration would be the perfect chance for the singers to show off their real personalities.

5. Dance-Worthy Beats

Brown has incredible dance moves and his music should work to showcase them.

6. Amazing Lyrics

The two singers make headlines all the time, but this song is a chance for them to speak directly to their fans.

7. A Fresh Start

Malik and Brown are at turning points in their careers. Hopefully a collaboration would bring them the success they need to take things to the next level.

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