John Stamos Celebrates His Birthday With The 'Fuller House' Cast & They're Exactly The Support He Needs Right Now

If you were to give me the assignment of going to a lab and building an environment designed to give John Stamos the support he needs after his rehab stay, I really don't think I could make anything better than the early birthday party that the Fuller House cast threw for Stamos. Even though Stamos' birthday isn't until Aug. 19, many of the stars of the Netflix reboot and their families gathered together to celebrate their friend and colleagues 52nd birthday on Sunday, Aug. 9 at Lori Loughlin's mansion in Los Angeles. (And no, were' not going to discuss the fact that Stamos is 52, because I simply cannot handle it. It challenges everything I thought I knew about life and time and aging. Unfair.)

As I'm sure we all remember, Stamos was pulled over and arrested back in June, and then he checked into rehab the following month. Now he's out and back in the world, and any fear that I might've had that Stamos wouldn't have a support system to lean on or a safety net to catch him if he should somehow stumble was wiped away the moment I saw some of these pictures from the get-together this past weekend. Candice Cameron Bure has already spoken about how well Stamos is doing, and how close she is to him, and that was crystal clear from her Instagram photos of the whole crew hanging out.

Just look how calm and happy Stamos looks — that's what I want to see during a tumultuous period in someone's life. You need to have a group of people with whom you can be utterly yourself... maybe people you've known ever since 1987 (aka my entire lifetime) when your show started airing, and have never lost touch with since? Just if we're throwing out ideas. Bob Saget got into the documentarian spirit as well, posting a photo of the whole group hanging out, and it just makes me worry about Stamos just a little less. He's a phenomenal actor, and seems to be a phenomenal person, so the fact that he has a cast that is truly more like a family to support him during these rough times is all I could have hoped for.

Of course, I could also have hoped for an invitation to this awesome birthday party, but I guess I'll just have to let that one go.