These 7 Qs Must Be Answered In Andi's New Book

Bachelor Nation rejoice! One of our favorite Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman is writing a tell-all, It's Not Okay, about her public break-up with The Bachelorette winner Josh Murray. Tears for the break-up, but fist pumps for the book we'll get to read about it because we need more no-nonsense women like Andi in our lives. (Heck, even the book title is an homage to her feisty spirit. It's a shout-out to her throwing down against the notorious Bachelor Juan Pablo for his mistreatment of women. Holler.)

Andi and Josh split up just five months after her season as reigning Bachelorette ended, and in the aftermath, Andi left her home in Atlanta for new opportunities in New York City, where she began writing her book It's Not Okay.

"It is basically a tongue-in-cheek diary of my breakup but it's also kind of like the anti self-help book," Andi told People. "I went through a very public breakup but it was also extremely private.

Andi has been through a lot during her two stints on Bachelor Nation programming, and I'm desperate to know so much more behind-the-scenes and personal stuff from this former district attorney, especially with some of the notable "Bachelors" who have crossed her path. Though we could all probably come up with a million, there are seven questions I hope Andi answers in It's Not Okay.

1. But Nick Viall,Though?

I know this isn't even a fully formed question, but that's because Nick Viall is an enigma wrapped in a mystery and thrown onto national television... twice. After Nick called out Andi on the live After the Final Rose for "making love" to him and then breaking up with him, Andi seemed firmly anti-Nick. She even went as far as to tell Kaitlyn to RUN when he showed up on my other favorite Bachelorette's season. But both she and Kaitlyn clearly saw something in the guy, and Andi did sympathize with him after he tossed his claddaugh ring at the driver in his loser limo when Kaitlyn sent him packing. And she said Nick is "geniune."

Help me help the public understand this divisive, two-time Bachelorette runner-up. Give it to us straight. I can fully admit that I was never #TeamNick, but I can't even explain why because he's so confusing. Is he awkwardly endearing? Is he a slut shamer? Is he smug or is that just the way he smiles? Why is every Bachelorette blindly smitten by him? Who is taking these pictures of him? Why are his jeans unbuttoned when he drinks coffee? Does his hand burn when he doesn't hold the mug handle? HELP.

2. What Did She REALLY Think of Josh's Hometown Date?

Let's travel back to the ever-crucial hometown dates on Andi's season. She visited her final four: Nick, Josh, the now-married Marcus Grodd, and the soon-to-be-Bachelor Chris Soules. And I'll just say it: Josh's hometown was nightmarish awful. Instead of focusing on Andi, the family (Josh included) spent the entire time talking about Josh's brother Aaron Murray, who was preparing for the NFL draft. Look, that's exciting and all, but it's not what we are here for, and this is coming from me, a huge football fan. I was snoring at the television. It basically showed that Josh and the whole Murray clan can talk about nothing but sports, everything is a competition, and if you aren't ready to be a professional fan for Aaron, then I don't understand why you want to be in this family. Yet, as we know, Josh won. I'm confused. Tell me more, Andi.

3. So What Exactly Does A Former District Attorney Do?

There are absolutely no shots fired here, because I stand by Andi. She's smart, well-educated, and ambitious. I just want to know so much more about her life as a district attorney and what it took to move on and join The Bachelor. Does she ever plan on returning to law? Would she teach? Start a fashion line for incredibly well-dressed and stylish lawyers? Just move on and be happy in this new period of her life? But seriously, I might actually give up this whole writing thing and go to law school if Andi would be my professor.

4. How Were You Friends With Nikki During Her Juan Pablo Phase?

Bachelor Nation friends from the same season always feel like they've got one toe in incredibly awkward waters — especially if they've both experienced the Fantasy Suite dates.That water gets even murkier when ends up winning. Oh, and it turns to quicksand when the other one straight-up despises the Bachelor. And yet, we have so much photo evidence of the lovefest between Andi and Juan Pablo season "winner" (and I say "winner" very, very ironically) Nikki Ferrell. These two are true besties. Juan Pablo was so horrid to Andi; how does she deal with her friend being in love with him? How, how, I ask you, Andi do you stay tight when you despise your friend's boyfriend? It's a question as old as time, and the world needs answers.

5. About That Juan Pablo Fantasy Suite...?

Andi did a 180 on Juan Pablo post-Fantasy Suite. She went from "almost falling in love" to full-throttle loathing. She said the overnight date was a "nightmare," and that he spent the entire time talking about himself, his job as a nightclub promoter in Miami, and even fellow contestant Clare. As she said on the show in a confessional:

Waking up this morning, I could not wait to get out of the Fantasy Suite.The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare. I saw a side to him that I didn't really like, and the whole night was just a disaster. I hope he did not think that went well. I really hope he did not think that that was a good date.

My absolute favorite tidbit from this is that she said Juan Pablo was "name-dropping" people he met at the club all night. Since then, I have become obsessed with just who Juan Pablo thought to name drop. I am dying. Please, Andi, give us the names so I can laugh and laugh and laugh.

6. Will You Go On Bachelor In Paradise? What Guys Would You Want To Be There?

Hey Marcus and Lacey did end up getting married after meeting on the raunchier cousin of The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, so if you're still looking for love, Andi, it might be worth a shot. And don't worry, I have already chosen a potential suitor for you: Ben Z from Kaitlyn's season. I mean, date whomever you want (except Mikey T, dear lord), but Ben Z is that giddy kind of gorgeous, he never had a mean thing to say to Kaitlyn (unlike basically everyone else on the season), he's sweet, he has more interesting things to talk about than Josh did (OK, those were shots), he's an ambitious entrepreneur, you two can work out together, he ALSO loves NYC, and he has great scarf game. It's settled.

If it doesn't work out romantically, you can always just spend a month lounging on the beach and sipping margaritas with your wealth of cool Bachelor Nation friends. Speaking of that...

7. Please, Can We All Hang Out With You And Sharleen?

Talk about Squad Goals. Andi, you always post these photos hanging out with everyone's favorite opera singer and Bachelor contestant Sharleen Joynt and we just have this simple question. Seriously, I live in Canada like her, so I'm nearby.

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