5 Final Charles DiLaurentis Suspects From 'Pretty Little Liars' To Consider Before "Game Over, Charles" Reveals It All

Remember how in The Lion King, Rafiki turned to Simba and dramatically said, "It is time"? That's how I feel going into the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale. It is time, you guys. It is time for Big A to be revealed once and for all. It is time to hear the answer to the biggest question in Pretty Little Liars history: Who is Charles DiLaurentis? No fakeouts, no last minute switches, no more black hoodies and kidnappings. Since we're finally going to get a look at Charles, I've put together a final rundown of Big A suspects. We must be able to figure it out by this point, right?

Here's what we know, with 100 percent certainty, about Charles. He harbors quite a grudge against the DiLaurentis family, especially Alison. He is not Jason's twin-brother, but rather 15 months older than him. He was locked up in Radley for a time beginning at the age of 5, though we still don't know for how long, or how he escaped, or what he has to do with Bethany Young, and/or Marion Cavanaugh. He could have everything to do with them, he could have nothing to do with them. There's still a lot we have to learn about Charles, and you can listen to Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, analyze every single clue below.

Working with what we've known all along, as well as the information that's just come to light recently, here's one final look at our prime Charles suspects.

Wren Kingston

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We haven't seen Wren in 49 episodes, yet he's at the top of all our lists of Big A suspects (thank Drunkgate for that). The evidence behind the Wren theory is still a little spotty at times, and hinges greatly on the idea that he's merely been pretending to be a doctor all this time. If he is revealed as Charles, Wren will have a lot to explain about his pre-Rosewood past, as well as all of the strange things we've seen him do.

Andrew Campbell

Of course we're going to talk about Andrew again. Why wouldn't we talk about Andrew again? He has come and gone through Rosewood so many times, it makes my head spin. The farm from Charles' home movie belongs to Andrew's uncle, so that's a huge connection right there. He was also completely MIA at the beginning of Season 6A, but managed to get released from police custody even though he looked highly suspicious.

His connection to the scout camp where Ezra, Caleb, and Mike were attacked was also never explained, since he claimed he only looked suspicious because he was trying to save the Liars, but that happened before they were kidnapped. There are so many other lingering Andrew questions out there, and we need answers. Putting everything together, he could still possibly turn out to be Charles — and the fact that his face was crossed off on the police board is just another red herring to add to our growing list.

Ezra Fitz

After all this time, I still find Ezra very suspicious, and he's literally always creeping around. Remember when he just had like, a ton of money in his drawer and told Aria it was because he had sold one of his grandfather's cars? I still can't get over the "true crime" novel either. Then there's his relationship with Ali, which he abruptly cut off. There are still so many parts of Ezra that don't add up for me, and I want to believe that in the end, it will all make sense when he's revealed to as A.

Jason DiLaurentis

Jason has been around since the very beginning, coming in and out of Rosewood just like every other A suspect. But lately, there have been theories that Jason is actually Charles. There are a few different ways this could go, like that Charles actually killed Jason and has been impersonating him for a while, and the possibility of multiple personalities. At this point in the A Game, anything is possible.

CeCe Drake

I know this one is a stretch. But ThePLLTheorist on Tumblr has a very complex theory about how CeCe has assumed Charles' identity over the years, to get back at everyone who wronged the two of them in Radley. Maybe Charles really is dead, and CeCe is just really good at throwing everyone off her scent.

These may be the most likely Charles suspects, but this is Pretty Little Liars , so when A is finally unmasked, it will probably be someone who no one saw coming, yet makes perfect sense. For a lighter take on the series' mysteries, watch PLL virgins try to explain Charles in the video below.

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