9 Charles Suspects From ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Because The Big A Reveal Made You Question Everyone

Guys. GUYS. I don't know if you know this, but there's a little show called Pretty Little Liars that happens to be coming back for Season 6 tonight. Fans everywhere have been waiting anxiously for the #SummerOfAnswers to start ever since the absolutely bonksauce reveal of Season 5's finale: Charles is A. Finally. A name that's something more than just a vowel. But who is Charles? There are countless theories out there, but it seems to come back to the same handful of people, and we all know that there are nine people you definitely thought were Charles at least once in the weeks since the finale aired.

All we know about Charles for certain so far is that we've seen he/she (because let's be honest, would you really be shocked if Charles ended up being a woman after all?) on the show before — it's been confirmed by both I. Marlene King and PLL Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick. With that in mind, I think it's relatively safe to say that we've had more than a passing glance at Charles, meaning he was a somewhat prominent resident of Rosewood at one point or another.

So, in the interest of having everything in one place, here are nine people you definitely thought was Charles at one point or another, the reasoning behind the theory, and whether or not it holds up anymore.


The Theory: There are a few working theories behind this assumption. The first one is that Toby and Charles are brothers, so while Toby may not be Charles, he's definitely connected. My favorite Toby is Charles theory, though, has to do with the dollhouse. Remember when Toby disappeared for a while back in Season 3, and Emily received a mysterious text from "Toby" telling her to meet him at a construction site? We still have no idea what was being built there, but many people (myself included) think it was the dollhouse, and that Toby was the one behind its construction.

Does It Hold Up? Unfortunately, I still think it does. Toby being a cop gives him access to tons of information most people don't have, and he would have had the ability to steer the investigation in certain ways. While it would be heartbreaking for his and Spencer's relationship, I don't know that I would be completely shocked it Toby were Charles in the end.


The Theory: Ezra has been up the girls' butts (not literally, at least I don't think so) since Season 1 when he got together with Aria, and there are those who will never get over the almost-reveal of Ezra being A.

Does It Hold Up? I don't think so. I really don't see any motive here, guys. I mean, I get that he was probably pissed at Ali for breaking up with him/lying to him, and he really wanted to write his book and all, but he hardly seems like a murderous dude.


The Theory: Okay, so obviously the main part of this theory is that Maya isn't actually dead. Then there's Maya's apparent technological savvy with her website, the fact that Mona knew about it, her lengthy disappearance during which she supposedly was at a rehab facility called True North, and then there's the theory that Maya was the bunkmate that Ali briefly mentioned during her trial.

Does It Hold Up? Maybe. Personally, I would be fascinated if they took this angle. I'd love to find out just what the new girl in town had up her sleeve from Season 1.


The Theory: The most recent working theory is that Wren was the DiLaurentis family's foster child, but things didn't work out. As Bustle writer Kaitlin Reilly points out, it could explain Charles's love of tea and the occasional British spelling of some words in his notes. There was also some mild speculation that Wren wasn't even a doctor. Things get pretty wild in the PLL theory universe, y'all.

Does It Hold Up? Yes. Absolutely. We know so little about Wren other than the fact that he's tried to latch on to the Hastings family in any way possible. We know virtually nothing about his past other than what he's told us, and if you ask me, he bears a rather striking resemblance to The Great Charlemagne.

It's not just me, right?


The Theory: It's kind of an offshoot of the whole "Charles Is Jason's Twin" theory, but some people think that Charles and Jason are actually one in the same. If this were the case, I'd love to know what made Jason hate his sister so much that he actively tormented her and her friends for years and killed their mother.

Does It Hold Up? God, I hope not. That would be really sick for a show that airs on ABC Family, for crying out loud.


The Theory: We will never let go of the Andrew Campbell/Old Campbell Farm connection. The same names can't have just been an oversight on the writers' parts. Also, it would explain the weird 10-second shot of Andrew in the season finale listening in on the girls' phone conversations.

Does It Hold Up? I don't think so. I get the impression that Charles is older than the girls, and while Andrew certainly looks older, I don't think he is. My theory? Andrew is the mysterious Varjack.


The Theory: There are lots of fans out there who think Aria is A, and the hints she dropped recently about a big Aria reveal in Season 6 aren't really helping matters.

Does It Hold Up? No. Aria couldn't be keeping herself captive as Charles, and she couldn't be in the same room as Charles if she was Charles. Just no. Sorry, guys.


The Theory: Well, obviously, Mona isn't really dead, and she seems to know quite a bit about her captor and his wishes for her. They also both have higher-than-average intelligences. I also just don't trust her anymore. Never have, never will.

Does It Hold Up? I want it to, but I don't think so. It would be too easy to just make Charles' story a simple revenge plot for Mona being bullied.


The Theory: Charles DiLaurentis is an anagram for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar", and if we've learned anything from watching PLL, it's that anagrams are pretty important and usually are very telling. I mean, hello:

Does It Hold Up? I don't think so. Lucas doesn't seem to have the nerve or the smarts to be Charles, but he certainly has the anger. If anything, he's just a lowly minion or, at most, Varjack.

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