Everyone We Ever Thought Was A On 'Pretty Little Liars' In Honor Of Charles' Identity Finally Being ReveAled

The time has come. The game is over. On Tuesday night's Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, the identity of Charles, aka A, will finally be revealed. I know that fans have been waiting years for this information, to the point where it has seemed like literally everyone could have been "A" at some point (I mean, am I A?). But now that we'll have at least some sort of face to the name, and considering all the clues we've received throughout the show's run so far (and especially in Season 6), it's going to be mind-blowing to sift through all the suspects we've looked at since. Seriously though, this list is long.

From the Liars' family members, significant others, to the Liars themselves, almost everyone in Rosewood (and beyond) has been suspected of being the black-hoodie-wearing tormenter who's has been torturing the girls for years after stealing the A game from Mona. And while you could argue that literally everyone has been suspected of being A (we PLL fans are a suspicious bunch), these are the names that have, at one point or another, kept us up at night.

1. Wren Kingston

Still the top choice, still a beautiful creep.

2. Garrett Reynolds

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This was a hugely popular theory at Bustle for a while, but the theory was pretty much debunked.

3. CeCe Drake

CeCe has been a shady character for as long as we've known her, so yeah, we thought she was A. And while the actress who plays her lists Red Coat in her Twitter bio, it's pretty clear that she's not A.

4. Sara Harvey

Charles is a dude. End of story. But man, was Sarah suspicious for a while there.

5. Bethany Young

You get the picture with these miscellaneous blondes.

6. Toby Cavanaugh

I was never really on board with the theory that Toby was Big A/Charles, but this is still a popular guess for many fans.

7. Travis

Hanna's Caleb-goes-to-Ravenswood rebound being Charles could be an interesting twist, but just doesn't seem all that likely.

8. Andrew Campbell

The show definitely pointed to Andrew as Big A quite a few times (Campbell Farm, all his snooping, that time Aria told the police he was A), but because of the obvious clues, his possible guilt just seems like a red herring.

9. Rhys

The guy does look so much like Jason (you know, Charles' brother), but where has he been all this time? NOPE.

10. Noel Kahn

When have we not suspected Noel? And I don't totally hate this idea, to be honest.

11. Alison DiLaurentis

Obviously, Ali is not Charles, since Charles is her brother, but you know you thought she might be A for a while there.

12. Ezra Fitz

Please, no.

13. Detective Wilden

He's always a possibility because no one ever stays dead on this show. Mona, anyone?

14. Mike Montgomery

Bustle editor Martha Sorren makes a pretty compelling case for Mike as Charles.

15. Detective Holbrook

Nah, too boring.

16. Aria

Nope, nope, nope. Not on board guys, sorry.

17. Jenna Marshall

Honestly, Jenna always made the most sense as A. But that's exactly why she couldn't be.

18. Harold Crane

Harold Crane, in case you forgot, ran the Lost Woods motel where Mona kept her original A lair. There's a pretty compelling video out there, but if you ask me, he's a pretty small character for such a big reveal.

19. Maya St. Germain

Maya, Emily's ex-girlfriend, may be long dead, but there are plenty of theories that suggest she's gone the way of a once-dead Mona. She obviously can't be Charles now, but the Maya lives theories still live on.

20. Melissa Hastings

Despite Melissa being an A suspect time and again on this show, it seems to me that Melissa is probably being forced to be the Black Widow by Wren (aka my main Charles suspect). Again, Charles is not a woman.

21. Lucas

He has been really mysterious for a really long time. Has he ever not been on the Big A suspect list?

22. The Fans

If you've made it through six seasons, you know you've asked yourself the really big question at least once: WAIT, AM I A??? Hey, anything is possible.

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