6 Tenley Molzahn Instagram Posts Reveal The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star's Life Is Absolutely Stunning

The breakout star from Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is Queen Tenley Molzahn. Perhaps not in the literal sense (though she did play Aurora from Sleeping Beauty during the years she worked at Disneyland), but she is definitely far and away the best part about Bachelor In Paradise. Tenley’s been around the Bachelor block a bit, appearing on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor In Paradise. I personally think that producers should fill her Bachelor Nation card and give her the spot as the next Bachelorette. She’s open, she’s kind, she’s beautiful, and she’s a ton of fun. At least, according to Tenley's stunning Instagram posts, she is. Tenley’s pretty much an open book. From her time on the show to her social media, it’s obvious that Tenley’s got her heart open for love.

Though she’s just coming off a breakup, it seems from Tenley’s social media that she’s pretty cheerful. For those of you who don’t know, Tenley met Bachelorette contestant Kiptyn Locke on Bachelor Pad , and the two enjoyed a five-year relationship before splitting up earlier this year. In her search for love, Tenley’s keeping it positive and cool. She’s sharing herself with the world now — here’s what else we know about Tenley from a look at her Instagram.

She’s Captivating

Author Jenny Mollen co-hosts After Paradise, the Bachelor In Paradise aftershow, and I guess her hubby, actor Jason Biggs, was on set for this snap. Look at how deep in conversation these two are! Tenley can certainly command a room.

She’s Good At Laughing At Herself

The third wheel? Hey, we’ve all been there. But, instead of pouting about not having a date for the evening, Tenley embraces it and still has a good time. That’s a great quality in a person (and in a Bachelorette, I may add).

She’s A Fashionista

Confession time: I yearn to dress up in cute outfits and take pics like a fashion blogger, but I feel silly. I don’t know my angles, you know? Tenley, on the other hand, nails it everytime, and she’s not even a fashion blogger. From a cute romper to chill loungewear, Tenley’s got some sartorial skills.

She Loves Her Family

Tenley’s Instagram is full of sweet snaps of her and her family, like this one from a family hiking trip in Colorado. What a cute group they are — you can totally see the resemblance.

She Likes To Sweat It Out

As much as I like to sit on the couch and write about reality television stars, like Tenley, I too like to get out in the great outdoors and take a hike or two. Or really just anything to get my body moving. As evidenced here, Tenley’s as fit and fabulous as I thought she was (and really good at jumping).

She’s Good With Kids

Look at the grin on this little muffin’s face (what a cute kid, too, huh?). I’m sure that I would also be smiling that big if I were around Tenley, too. Her joy seems pretty infectious. I bet she’s a great aunt.

That Tenley, what a charmer! I can't wait to watch her every week on Bachelor In Paradise. I just hope she finds love soon, because she definitely deserves it.

Images: Kevin Foley/ABC