17 Smart Tattoos For Art Lovers That'll Turn Your Body Into A Walking Masterpiece

As tattoos continue becoming more commonplace, it's clear the body is the perfect canvas for a masterpiece. If there's anyone I'd expect to have some amazing ink, it'd be the millions of artists and art connoisseurs. There are plenty of tattoos for art lovers, just as bookworms have their impressive literary tattoos and music lovers have their lyric tattoos. Whether you're the one admiring from afar or you're the creative mind controlling the paintbrush, there's sure to be a tat to fit any art lover.

Your ink can be as simple as a must-have artist's tool or as complex as a replica of your favorite Picasso painting. Either way, a tattoo can serve as the perfect reminder that you're passionate about your interests or it can commemorate the work that left a lasting impression on you (but good luck finding an ink master who can imitate Vincent van Gogh to a T). When your body is in desperate need of a little artwork, check out these 17 tattoos fit for the biggest art fans. While your eyes are set on your next favorite masterpiece, everyone else's eyes will be glued to your artistic tat.

1. Street Art

The stencil style like that of street artist Banksy will make for an attention-grabbing tat. Plus, his works' deeper meaning will definitely drum up some great conversation.

2. Artsy Sketch

If you're worried about inking a large-scale masterpiece, a smaller sketch like Picasso's "War and Peace" will make just as big of a statement.

3. Detailed Masterpiece

May as well go big or go home. Why not wear your favorite painting on your sleeve?

4. Framed Painting

If a sleeve is too much to handle, zero in on your favorite part of a painting and confine it to a small frame.

5. Favorite Artist

Tat your favorite artist of all time with an artsy twist, like this geometric Frida Khalo.

6. Drawing Hands

It really doesn't get any better than Escher's drawing hands!

7. Color Wheel

A color wheel makes for a beautiful and intricate art lover tattoo.

8. Artist's Palette

No need to go for a large back or chest piece when you could tat a delicate artist's palette in watercolor style.

9. Finger Tat

Great artworks are the product of talented hands. Give your hands some adornment with a mini pencil or paintbrush tatted on your fingers.

10. Behind The Ear

You probably keep your pencils and pens behind your ears anyway!

11. Brush Pouch

Your favorite tools will never be far from your reach when they're tucked inside of your arm turned brush pouch.

12. Jack of All Trades

Maybe you're an artist who does it all! Tat all of your favorite artist's tools to show the world you've been there, done that with any medium!

13. Simple Tools

When a large, colorful tat seems overwhelming, simpler, all-black sketches of your favorite tools will do the trick.

14. Spray Can

What's a graffitist without his spray paint?

15. Colorful Camera

Maybe photography is more your style.

16. Spilled Paint

This will probably be the only spilled tube of paint that won't make you want to cry out in agony.

17. Original Artwork

Sure, there's the Picasso's, Van Gogh's, and Da Vinci's. Then there's the little artist living in your own home who hasn't failed to make you smile with their own masterpiece. You're guaranteed to be the only one showing off their work when you tat some original artwork.

Image: theinkelephant/Instagram