Britney Spears Lyrics That Are Actually Dirty

Like with most things, song lyrics look a lot different after a few years of life experience. When I listen to the songs I used to sing from the backseat of my mother’s car with abandon, I am slightly horrified. Did I realize that what I was singing about was mostly sex? Of course not. I was young and totally incapable of understanding anything close to innuendo. Unless you said “sex” outright — and, like, at the top of your lungs — I had no idea that anyone talked about anything other than rainbows and kittens. So when Britney Spears began releasing music with suggestive lyrics, I had no clue that she was basically singing about sex all the time.

Ahh, if only I knew then what I know now! Because of course now I can see that there is a ton of suggestion in Spears' lyrics. I mean, the girl couldn’t sing a verse without hinting at her virginity and how she wanted some mysterious “you” to take it. I know that now. Just look at some of these lyrics! The raunch is often overshadowed by a cutesy pop tone, while underneath they’re seething with sexual desire.

Like... why did my parents let me listen to this stuff?

Take a look for yourself. You’ll see as well as I do now that Spears’ lyrics were anything but innocent... even the ones that seemed totally innocent.

1. "Show me / How you want it to be."

Guys. She’s not talking about how he likes his coffee in the morning.

2. "Baby thinkin' of you / Keeps me up all night."

I’ll give you three guesses as to what Brit Brit was doing to keep herself up all night.

3. "You think I'm in love / That I'm sent from above / I'm not that innocent."

She’s no angel, that’s for sure.

4. "I shut myself out from the world so I / Can draw the blinds and I’ll teach myself to fly."

For a song entitled “Touch of My Hand,” you know as well as I do that Britney is not referring to Peter Pan and pixie dust here.

5. "Watching every inch of my body / Like you wanted to play."

I don’t think she’s talking about dancing anymore.

6. "And boy, don't stop 'cause I'm halfway there."

Oh, come on. How did any of us miss this one?

7. "The center of attention / Even when we're up against the wall / You got me in a crazy position."

Why do all of Spears' lyrics start out being about dancing and slowly switch into some seriously dirty hanky panky?

It’s clear to me now that all of these lyrics that I thought were about — at most — getting her dance on in the club are really about getting her freak on in the club. Not that I’m hating on Brit Brit — I personally love discovering how dirty her songs really are. It makes that whole good girl image she was rocking back then all the more complex and interesting.

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