Are Liz & Julila In Their Own Mini-Alliance On 'Big Brother'? Nothing Brings An Alliance Together Like Identical DNA

Austin made the mistake of coming between Liz and Julia before Julia was even officially in the Big Brother house. He was promptly called out for his actions and had to grovel to the twins to get them to forgive him but it seems like they will never be as open with him as they originally were. This teaches us (and the rest of the BB house) an important message: don’t mess with twins. Their loyalty to one another begs the question: are Julia & Liz in their own secret mini-alliance?

One need only watch the incredibly strange show Twinning on VH1 to see that twins have a pretty creepy connection. Liz and Julia are no exception. I don’t even need to pause to think about that because the answer is so clearly yes. It might be unspoken, it might be unnamed, but Liz & Julia are 100% looking out for each other first and then their other allies second (ish).

Clay called it early on: Liz & Julia are womb mates and blood runs thicker than the water when it comes to Big Brother alliances (and most things in general). Liz and Julia undoubtedly have the most ironclad alliance in the house and, whether the other houseguests realize it or not, the twins are strong alliance to be reckoned with.

They Are Strategic About Who They Hang Out With

Though it might seem cliquey, the twins are very selective with who they allow themselves to be seen with in the house. They know that aligning themselves with the wrong people can be deadly so they mostly keep to themselves (and Austin, who is willing to throw himself on the sword for them at a moment's notice).

Liz & Julia V. Austin

Austin seems to think that the alliance is between him, Liz, and Julia. He definitely doesn't realize that he is third wheeling on an identical twin alliance. Oh, will he be humiliated when he finds out the truth.

They Realize The Power of Their Twindom

And they aren't afraid to use it.

Austin Tries To Alliance Cockblock Liz & Jules But It Simply Won't Work

Austin seems to be trying to get in the middle of Julia and Liz's relationship but is failing miserably. You are the outsider in this alliance, not Julia.

Image: CBS