Greta Gerwig Auditioned For 'Gossip Girl' & She Would Have Been Amazing As These 7 Characters

One Gossip Girl character was almost very different! Fans grew so attached to their favorite Gossip Girl characters that it's hard to imagine them portrayed by anyone else. (Even if Jessica Szohr thinks that Gossip Girl could have been Chuck Bass.) Nevertheless, Greta Gerwig revealed that she auditioned for Gossip Girl — and that could have changed everything!

"I have had moments when I was starting out when I was auditioning for things like Gossip Girl," Gerwig told HuffPost Live. "And they would look at me like, 'Why are you wearing overalls to this audition?' And I'd be like, 'They said she was from a farm!' and they would be like, 'Well, this is Gossip Girl.'"

Us Weekly reports that the role Gerwig references is that of Eva Coupeau, which was ultimately played by Harry Potter actress Clemence Posey. Eva was a French woman who nursed Chuck back to health after he was mugged in Prague. True to Gerwig's explanation, Eva grew up on a goat farm.

"There were moments like that, where I didn't fit what they wanted," Gerwig said. "But I always wanted to be part of them. I wish they had wanted me."

Even though the role of Eva didn't work out for Gerwig, it still would have been amazing if she found a spot on Gossip Girl. Here are seven other characters on the show she could have played.

1. Georgina Sparks

It's hard to imagine anyone being more cunning and downright dastardly than Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina, but it's kind of awesome to imagine Gerwig in a role so conniving.

2. Poppy Lifton

Socialite Poppy Lifton always caused drama for Serena and Blair. Gerwig totally could have embraced the entitlement required to pull it off.

3. Lola Rhodes

Serena's cousin was blonde and looked similar to her, so Gerwig totally fits the bill.

4. Ivy Dickens

Ivy also needed to look similar to Charlie for deception purposes, so my previous statement stands.

5. Olivia Burke

Of course I was obsessed with Hilary Duff making a Gossip Girl cameo, but seeing Gerwig date Dan would have been kinda great.

6. Beatrice Grimaldi

Prince Louis' sister was all sorts of sly, but Gerwig could have totally made it work.

7. One Of Blair's Minions

Gerwig could absolutely pull off a headband.

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