How Can Shelli Survive Eviction On 'Big Brother 17'? Things Can Change Pretty Quickly In The House

In the Big Brother house, a lot can change in a day. Becky had promised that Shelli was safe going into this week's eviction and that the true target was Vanessa. However, it now looks like the house has flipped and it's possible that Shelli will be going home on Big Brother 17 this week, which is a shame because we never got to see how Shelli would play without Clay on her arm. Shelli losing Clay was rough, but him sacrificing his game just so that Shelli can be evicted the week after is downright tragic. It's too early to count her out just yet, though, as Big Brother's motto is "expect the unexpected" and anything can happen before this week's eviction ceremony. Is there anything Shelli can do to keep herself in the Big Brother house?

Many of the houseguests have already been persuaded to keep Vanessa instead of Shelli, as Vanessa has been able to convince many of her competitors that she could be useful to their long-term game. If Shelli wants to get farther in Big Brother, she needs to start formulating a strategy and determine who in the house she may be able to get on her side. Here are just a few things Shelli could do to try and save herself:

Start Campaigning

Shelli has been relaxing this week, thinking that Vanessa was absolutely going home. While she was getting comfortable, whispers were going around the house to try and keep Vanessa. The most important thing that Shelli can do is get up and start talking to some of the other houseguests.

Become Friends With Vanessa's Enemies

Vanessa's two biggest enemies in the house are Becky and Johnny Mac, who are interested in evicting her as soon as possible. If Shelli is looking to put together a plan to stay in the house, she's going to need to work with the people who actually want her to stay. Johnny Mac seems to be the only person who will be voting for Vanessa to leave this week, so it would be smart if Shelli worked with him to convince everyone to go back to the original plan of evicting Vanessa.

Remind Everyone How Untrustworthy Vanessa Is

Vanessa is, once again, going around trying to make deals with the houseguests. It's getting frustrating watching these people trust Vanessa after she has betrayed them time and time again. Shelli needs to try and use this obvious information to her advantage. Shelli is also guilty of lying to others in the house, but she doesn't have many options right now.

Just Get Evicted And Hope To Return In A Twist

The past few seasons have all had someone return from Jury as the final weeks of the game approach. Shelli may be better off getting evicted, and hoping to win a spot in the house after being gone for a few weeks. This will allow the houseguests to (possibly) realize they made a mistake by evicting her, and Shelli has proven in the past to be something of a beast at physical comps. This is by far the riskiest option, but it may be the only one she'll actually be able to pull off.

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