Acne Studios Designs A Feminist Fashion Collection

Feminist fashion is becoming quite the trend these days, and we're not mad about it. Designers have been taking a stand for gender equality for a while now (remember Chanel's feminist rally/runway show last fall?) and Acne Studios is one of the latest to join the movement. Acne just released a line of feminist-friendly clothes for both genders, so everyone can show their support of equality in the form of a pricey sweatshirt.

Acne Studios' new fall menswear line features a variety of men's pieces (although they boast that the items are unisex—how feminist of them) emblazoned with feminist and gender equality phrases, so if you want a smart sweatshirt that says "woman power" or a scarf that says "radical feminist," Acne has you covered. It even goes to support gender fluidity with a men's sweatshirt that says "please call me girl." Unfortunately, these pro-feminism Acne goods don't come cheap. One scarf costs $220, which is pretty hard to rationalize, even though the message is nice.

However, just because someone wears a sweatshirt that declares that he or she is a feminist or what a feminist should look like, doesn't really mean he or she is a feminist or not a feminist, but it's refreshing to see another brand creating pieces that aren't aggressively sexist, like those of some other brands (cough, Abercrombie & Fitch, cough).

Fant Patch Sweatshirt, $300,

Equality Scarf, $220,

Images: Acne Studios (3)