Can You Guess The Celeb Smile?

by Arielle Dachille

As you may know, celebrities are superlatively attractive humans. Other than their intimidatingly symmetrical faces, luxury trainer-engineered bodies, and professionally sculpted hair, a big part of famous-person beauty has to do with having a really bright, white smile. I'm talking about the kind of megawatt grin that attracts moths in the summer twilight. But I've got a challenge for you. When it comes down to the wire, can you guess the celebrity smile?

Plenty of people have the notion that every famous set of chompers resembles that of a Disney cartoon — blindingly white, no separation between teeth — but they're sorely mistaken. Each famous-person smile is a special snowflake, beautiful and unique in its own way. Furthermore, there's a lot of skill involved in telling one mouth of uniformly beautiful teeth from another. Plenty of that skill has to do with the amount of time you've spent staring at celebrity faces via various media (aka, research), but it's a skill nonetheless. So go, you!

For your own mental enrichment, Bustle and Crest 3D White have teamed up to help you test your knowledge of famous grins.

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Guess The Grin...


There are zero blank spaces in this pop star's extremely well-maintained smile.


In spite of his heartthrob factor, this British actor seems like a pretty low-key guy.


This actress has a smile so bright, it's basically shouting lumos!


You, him, and his High School Musical chompers. You're all in this together.


Diss these pearly whites, and the Beygency will hunt you down.


This new girl's smile basically inspired the term "adorkable."


If you're looking at this cheesin' face, it's too late.


If her smile was a work of art, it would be a Mona Lisa Smile.

Drum Roll Please...

1. Taylor Swift

Given that Taylor Swift has no apparent missing teeth, there are no blank spaces in this "Blank Space" singer's smile. Get it?

2. Tom Hiddleston

This was a subtle one, but I'm sure the true Hiddlestoners got it. Not only is Hiddleston a low-key individual, but the name of his Avengers character Loki is basically a compound of those two words.

3. Emma Watson

I mean, the Harry Potter spell was a dead giveaway. It's Emma Watson, you guys. Her smile lights up a room, just like lumos .

4. Zac Efron

Oh Zac Efron. We would recognize that Troy Bolton gleam anywhere.

5. Beyoncé

Members of Beyoncé's fan club know that Bey is perfect, right down to each divine tooth.

6. Zooey Deschanel

Sing it with me, now! Who's that girl? Who's that girl? It's Zooey Deschanel!

7. Drake

As one of the most sincere smilers on Earth, you probably recognized Drake's cheese in a second.

8. Julia Roberts

Last but not least, the owner of one of pop culture's most recognizable smiles, miss J. Robs. If you missed this one, you made a BIG mistake. HUGE!

Image: Getty Images (27); Giphy