How To Wear Summer Colors In Fall Because No One Wants To Give Up Their Candy-Colored Pastels

Autumn is right around the corner, and once those chilly nights and windy mornings hit, your silk tank tops and short shorts just won't suffice. There are plenty of unique ways to wear summer colors in fall, though. Just because you'll be covering up more doesn't mean you have to let go of summer styles altogether.

Sure, you may have to let go of your strapless dresses and your linen shorts. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to abandon your favorite chartreuse shade or the bright, reddish orange hue that makes you feel like a million bucks. While transitioning from season to season can be a little tedious (and just genuinely hard), it often allows for more style and color freedom. You can layer your favorite summer pieces with your most beloved fall ones, and then play mix and match with different shades. While that bright neon green color might not be symbolic the burnt red and orange leaves falling from the trees, it sure does look great with skinny jeans and a light jacket.

As Jon Snow would say (if he were still alive and if his name was Jon Leaf rather than Jon Snow), autumn is coming. Though the temperatures might soon be dropping, the colors in your wardrobe can stay just as bright and warm as they were in the middle of summer. Here are seven non-fall colors to continue wearing through the season and how to pull them off.

1. Baby Blue

IMO, blue is a gorgeous color to rock no matter the time of year. For some reason, however, it gets pushed to the side when the darker, more morose colors of autumn come around. That being said, Stephanie Hernandez of Lafatshionista knows how to bend the rules and make baby blue perfect for fall. By draping a light kimono over her bright blue, pleated dress, Hernandez gets an extra layer of warmth while still flaunting the beautifully rich color.

For a similar look, pair a baby blue dress with an extra layer, be it a kimono, a light jacket, or even a cardigan. That way, you can still rock the classic summer baby blue shade while keeping it transitional for the changing weather with a cover-up piece.

2. Bright Green

There's nothing more summer-appropriate than combining two gorgeous, bright colors into one look. But Allison Ramirez of The Stylish Soul proves that the look can be effortless for fall, too. The denim jacket in a classic light wash adds an extra layer of protection come those cold and breezy autumn days.

Bright green may seem hard to match, but a denim jacket will always be very complimentary. By dressing things down with a pair of white sneakers and that autumn-ready denim, any green dress can go from summer to fall in seconds.

3. Baby Pink

As Nadia Aboulhosn proves, baby pink can be an autumn color staple. Aboulhosn paired her baby pink blazer with a pair of jeggings and a fitted, basic blouse. By dressing up the baby pink and still keeping warm with long pants and an extra layer, the color doesn't feel so "ice cream on a summer day" anymore.

4. Yellow

While a deep yellow could totally be considered a fall color, this bright, highlighter hue is totally unexpected come the colder weather. That being said, it looks great paired with neutral, non-competing colors like Kenza Zouiten demonstrated on her blog Kenzas. The yellow detailing on her classic V-neck sweater is both eye-catching and statement-making, but it's not overwhelming because of the neutral gray and white tones in the rest of her ensemble.

For a similar look, pair a bright yellow with other neutral colors like white, gray, or even black. That way, your yellow can stand out in a unique way even when the sun is hidden behind fall clouds.

5. Orange

If an effort to avoid looking like a pumpkin on Halloween, I personally think we should all avoid the orange and black combo. But Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Look Book proves that the combination can be chic if you're careful. She paired a big, chunky knit sweater in a beautiful and bright orange shade with black shorts and thigh-high boots. Nguyen knows the look strikes an uncanny resemblance to a pumpkin (hence the pumpkin emoji she used in her caption), but manages to make it gorgeous nonetheless.

When shopping for fall and winter sweaters in the upcoming weeks, opt for brighter colors like this orange shade instead of gray or black. Your wardrobe will be totally cheery! Pair it with black pieces like Nguyen did, or even with a classic rinse jean or a fitted pencil skirt. If you do end up looking like a pumpkin, just embrace it and buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte for extra show.

6. Peach

Ahh, the delicate, pretty peach hue. It's not exactly what you think of as autumn-dressing, but Ashley Rose of the blog This Is Ashley Rose proves it can be pulled off. Pairing a matching peach pencil skirt with a blazer, Rose looks chic and professional. Wearing a graphic T-shirt to go along with it, she dresses the look down but also gives it some personality. The peach shade looks not at all outdated, but refreshing and pretty.

While peach shades along with creams and other pastels might seem a little out of place come the colder temperatures, it's all about how you wear them. Whether you wear the color in a pair of skinny jeans, a blouse, or even a suit like Rose, make sure you keep to a consistent color scheme and don't go too OTT with your shades.

7. Watercolor

What happens if you just want to wear all the colors? Well, you opt for something watercolor like this shirt Chandler Nehrt of Candidly Chan wore and pair it with a basic skinny jean. The easiest way to rock a bright color in fall is by pairing it with a black piece. No matter what shade, print, or design your brightly-colored piece may be, it's going to look good with black. The distressed black skinnies Nehrt paired with a watercolor blouse not only look gorgeous, but are also pretty perfect for those chilly fall nights.

Fear not, pastel lovers and baby pink aficionados: There's no need to give up your beloved summer hues after all.

Images: Fotolia