Rihanna Gets New Ankle Tattoo, But What Exactly Is It? Fans Are Speculating Like Crazy

Most people who have tattoos will tell you that they are addictive. Once you start, you can't stop adding to your ink collection. Rihanna got a new ankle tattoo at Bang Bang in NYC. Clearly, the singer has an ink addiction, since the pop diva has so many tattoos. Most of them are extensive and large, and they are on places like her hand and neck, which aren't easy to conceal.

While Rihanna had been in the islands, showing off her flawless bikini style left and right, she returned to NYC and got down to business. She has yet to show off her latest piece of art.

But the paparazzi did snap her post-tattoo, with the plastic wrap around her ankle, protecting the fresh and tender wound.

RiRi also wore torn (!!!), thigh-exposing pink sweatpants with elastic ankles, which made me cringe a little. I'm a fan of major distressing, but I imagine an elastic band could seriously irritate some fresh ink! She also loaded up on anklets, which she's been doing all the time lately. That also made me squeamish, since the jewelry can rub against the healing tattoo.

Ah, she's Rihanna and she does what ever she wants, right?

She hasn't shared the image or the story of her latest work, but fans are already speculating about what it is.

I see black lines. One fan thinks its "1988," the year of our heroine's birth. That's actually a pretty decent guess. But given Rihanna's intricate hand tattoo and her underboob piece, I would find a simple tattoo such as that to be, well boring. At least by Rih's standards.

Here's one more look. It's well-concealed, so it's anyone's guess at to WTF it is. I am sure Rihanna or Bang Bang will be posting IG photos of this latest piece sooner or later.

Check out her ripped sweats.

Only in Rihanna's world.