Why Did Clare Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise' Last Time? Let's Hope Season 2 Ends On A Better Note

What can I say about Clare Crawley other than she is someone that you genuinely want the best for. She's had a rough go of it on her previous Bachelor Nation stints, but now, Clare has a second chance of finding love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2. And talk to a few raccoons along the way. Clare's first time on Bachelor in Paradise ended with her leaving. So why did Clare decide to leave paradise during Season 1?

If I were Clare, I would have said goodbye to Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise a lot sooner than she did. I give her credit for making it as long as she did, but we already know Clare is resilient. She can withstand a lot of criticism. The sad thing is, she shouldn't have to. This show isn't about bullying, or shaming, or making someone feel bad about themselves. It's supposedly about finding love, and that should be a positive experience for most people. Clare leaving Bachelor in Paradise was just proof that she deserved better than what that season of the show was giving her. Now, I'm hopeful that Season 2 proves to be just what she is looking for.

So why did Clare leave Bachelor in Paradise Season 1? Here's why:

She Was Being Slut-Shamed By Other Contestants

Clare received a lot of backlash by some of the public and Juan Pablo after she had sex with him on his season of The Bachelor. But Clare also faced shaming by a fellow Season 1 Bachelor in Paradise contestant, AshLee Frazier, which really made the experience even more unpleasant.

She Was Ready For A Man Who Knew What He Wanted

Clare had some wishy-washy guys on Bachelor in Paradise. Zack Kalter didn't know what he wanted from a relationship and Clare was very much like "Bye Felicia" and left his ass in the sand. Clare wanted "a guy who knows what he wants," and Zack wasn't cutting it.

She Was Tired Of The Emotional Toll

Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 was catty and ugly. Clare, unfortunately, got the worst of that situation, which led to her having many a tearful moments on the show.

The Raccoon Said To Go Home (OK, Probably Not)

OK, maybe a raccoon wasn't the voice of reason, but in the spirit of the show's epic over-usage of the raccoon on Season 1 and Season 2, I thought I'd throw it in there.

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