Naomi Watts Might Join 'The Book Of Henry' With 'Jurassic World' Director & This Could Be The Next Big Blockbuster

Naomi Watts is giving us more summer movies to look forward to, and I wouldn't have it any other way. According to Variety, Watts is in negotiations to star in the upcoming movie The Book of Henry, a new Focus Features production. Never heard of The Book of Henry? Me neither, and for good reason. The script, penned by Gregg Hurwitz author of “Tell No Lies” and “Don’t Look Back." has nothing published about it, and the log line is being kept completely secret. If you check out The Book of Henry's IMDB page, it literally reads "the plot is being kept under wraps" and nothing else. Watts is the only cast member listed, but I have to assume they're in negotiations with many more actors. OK, Focus, please consider my interest peaked.

You may be a tougher sell than I, and Watts might not be enough to get you excited about a movie. If that's the case, let me draw your attention to the director. Jurassic World writer, director and producer Colin Trevorrow is already on board. Aside from this summer's mega-hit he is almost the man behind Safety Not Guaranteed, proving he can master everything from hybrid dinosaurs to smaller indies. With such big players attached Henry has all the trappings of a major summer blockbuster — if only when knew when it was coming out!

For now, I'm going to assume this will be a major event. Trevarrow has plenty of clout coming out of Jurassic World, and can pretty much sign on for whatever big picture he wants. Watts already has more then enough blockbuster credits to her name, so what's one more? Her string of hits had her starring in King Kong, I Heart Huckabees, and, of course, Mulholland Drive. She's already rocking the Divergent trilogy as Evelyn, which will rule the box office when Allegiant — Parts 1 & 2 come out.

Seeing as all of the plot details are hidden away and the technical specs don't reveal much, we are going to have to wait and see what kind of a movie Henry is or how much of a box office smash it will be. But, when it turns out to be the surprise monster hit of 2017, don't forget that you heard it here first.

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