Rihanna Gets 1988 Tattoo, Pairs It With Ripped Sweatpants For Edgy Look

Earlier this week, RiRi was spotted leaving Bang Bang tattoo parlor in NYC with a brand new ankle tat. After much speculation from her fans, we finally know exactly what her fresh ink reads. Rihanna got a 1988 tattoo on the front side of her right ankle, signifying her birth year. With this brand new design, the singer now has over 20 tattoos, officially making her the bonafide tattoo queen of celebrity land.

The intricate inscription is quite the surprising choice, TBH. Bad gal RiRi is the farthest thing from shy when it comes to body art, usually opting for large pieces that take center stage on her ribs, hands, back, and feet. Her latest design appears to be pretty small and concealed, which is totally the opposite of what she has seemingly proven to be all about. Nevertheless, the dainty black ink looks super cool.

The 27-year-old flaunted her brand new emblem in pink cutout sweatpants with elastic bands at the bottom. Not only were her ankles exposed, but her entire thighs were exposed too. At first, I was a bit confused by the ultra-distressed bottoms, but in a way, they totally suit her. Only Rihanna could pull off clothing that ripped up. The resulting look was edgy and badass, naturally.

Check it out below.

See? Badass. She clearly DGAF.

Totally digging the new ink, Rih.