The Craziest Kourtney Kardashian Rumors, From Fake Baby Bumps To Double Weddings

Of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kourtney Kardashian is the one who stays out of the spotlight as much as is possible — for a Kardashian, that is. But her man with a flair for the dramatic, Scott Disick, was her ticket to the rumor mill. Throughout their long and tumultuous relationship, the rumors about Kourtney and Scott never stopped (and even though they're not together anymore, they still keep flying). And a lot of them were pretty out there, like the rumor that Scott had slept with both Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner behind Kourtney's back. Unfortunately, though, just because Kourtney and Scott have split doesn't mean she's free from the attacks of false claims. There are lots of insane Kourtney Kardashian rumors out there.

Just because the 36-year-old has lived much of her life in the spotlight doesn't mean that she is impervious to the effects of the rumor mill, especially when it comes to her family. Still, though, she's holding her head up through her split from Scott, and hopefully has enough positive energy around her to ignore the sludge.

Here are just a sampling of some of the crazy rumors about Kourtney that are out there.

1. She Got Breast Implants — Again

Kardashian rumors about plastic surgery are a tale as old as time. The newest is that Kourtney got breast implants after she and Scott split up, according to MediaTakeOut, which cobbled together their claims using a few extreme-angled photos of the mother-of-three sunbathing as proof that her breasts were bigger, and could only be from plastic surgery. The reality star is open about having breast implants in the past and there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery, so for this rumor is just the basis (Hey! Look at her boobs in this pic!) that make this a crazy rumor.

2. She's Pregnant With Scott's Fourth Child

What? Mostly this rumor is just lazy. Kourtney has lots of kids, so that must mean she just constantly has another one on the way. In late July, after Scott and Kourtney parted ways, Hollywood Life surmised that the two of them had make-up sex that resulted in a pregnancy. Gossip Cop claims the rumor isn't true.

3. She Didn't Go To Armenia Because Of A Family Feud

Radar Online claimed that when Kim and Khloé Kardashian traveled to their homeland of Armenia in April 2015, Kourtney was noticeably absent because she was angry at her sisters. Kourtney clarified her side of things with the more obvious reason that she couldn't attend: She has three very young kids to take care of.

4. She Wore A Fake Baby Bump

I give props to Kourtney for not raising hell every time someone makes up something about her pregnancies. Last summer, there were reports that she was going to wear a fake baby belly last summer for a photo shoot for Fit Pregnancy magazine. A source told Page Six that Kourtney was going to wear the prosthetic to look more pregnant for the shoot, which would happen over the summer for the winter issue of the magazine. Another source, though, denied it.

5. She Was Angry At Kimye For Trying To Help Scott

This sounds like a fourth grade playground rumor, but unfortunately, Radar Online still felt the need to "report" in January that Kourtney was "furious" and "enraged" at Kim when she offered to ask Kanye to talk to Scott about his drinking and partying. GossipCop claims they the exclusive story from one the Kourtney's reps that, obviously, it was wildly untrue.

6. She And Khloé Were Going To Have A Double Wedding

While the rumors about Kourtney's children and her pregnancies are the worst and lowest, I find the rumors about her alleged "weddings" the most hilarious. She's said time and again, from her own mouth, that she didn't want to marry Scott, and yet in the fall of 2014 Life & Style said that she and Scott were going to have a double wedding with sister Khloé and her boyfriend at the time rapper French Montana. Oh, and of course, it was momager Kris Jenner's idea (in collusion with Ryan Seacrest). First of all, do you think any of the Kardashians or Jenners would share their wedding day?! What is this, amateur hour?

Kourtney looks like she has been rising above the drama and living well lately, which is the best revenge. Keep on shinin', Kourt.

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