Why Didn't Johnny Mac Use The Veto?

I still have so many questions thanks to Thursday's double eviction on Big Brother 17 . Not only did Shelli go home over Vanessa, but Steve evicted Jackie rather than Becky. Seriously, what happened? Most fans seem to be confused about Steve not sending Becky home, especially since he's expressed time and time again how much he despises her. Not to mention, viewers remain baffled about John not using the Power of Veto. Why didn't Johnny Mac use the Power of Veto on either Meg or Jackie?

Based on Thursday night's live feeds it appears John was just doing what Steve asked of him. Plus, it also seems like John was trying to save Becky and James. According to Big Brother Network, Steve told John not to use the Veto. Apparently, Steve even admitted that to all the other houseguests.

While chatting with Becky in the lounge, John reiterated how Steve told him not to use the Veto. Aside from not using it because Steve asked him to, John knew Steve wouldn't put up Vanessa as the replacement nominee, and John was scared Becky or James would've gone up, so he didn't use it. So, he had good intentions, because he was trying to save Becky and James.

I mean, I guess it makes sense, but the double eviction would've been the perfect opportunity to get some big players out of the house, like Liz, Julia, Vanessa, or Austin. Now, I'm just more confused as to who's Steve is aligned with.

Whatever was going through Steve's head, there's no doubt the house experienced a huge shakeup thanks to the double eviction.

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Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS