Karlie's Baseball Game Outfit Vs. Mine

Ah, baseball season. It's hard not to love the smells and sounds of the stadium, no matter which one you're at, but dressing sporty is also a nice change. Karlie Kloss threw the opening pitch at the Cardinals game this season, but it was her outfit that knocked it out of the park. Mine, however, struck out in comparison.

Documenting her journey to the big day, Kloss posted pictures of everything from her warming up with her pals to moments after the big pitch. Looking stylish as ever, the model took center field to show off her arm and make a sporty statement. It might have been an unconventional reason for being at the park, but she showed that she's just like any other 20-something when it comes to clothing. Actually, our outfits weren't too far off base from each other. Hers looked a little more put together than mine and we differed in team colors, but tomato-tomahto, right?

Taking a closer look into this piece I realized that Kloss and I are actually the same age and have just about the same knowledge of baseball as one another. Who would've thunk?! Subtract about a foot, four shoe sizes, and a modeling contract and we would basically be the same person.

The Outfit: Karlie's Version

Karlie opted for a Cardinals team jersey and a pair of khakis to get her through the first pitch. Her outfit was completely normal for a day at the park, despite the fact that they embroidered her last name onto a team jersey.

The Outfit: My Version

I kept it a little more basic for my game day look. My lack of baseball enthusiasm kept me from buying anything with an Indians logo on it, but I still choose to rock Cleveland's colors.

The Shoes: Karlie's Version

Stylish and versatile, Karlie choose a hightop classic white Converse for her time in the spotlight. Model worthy and totally comfortable.

The Shoes: My Version

Karlie and I were on the same wavelength when it came down to the shoes. The only difference was that mine were ankle-cut and a little more worn in.

The Prep: Karlie's Version

She spent her time before her trip to the field throwing around a baseball with her dad and her stylish furry friend. Because all eyes were on her, she had a lot more to get ready for than I did.

The Prep: My Version

Getting ready for my night out at the park pretty much consisted of clothing scattered all around the room and my cat pushing everything off my makeup table. Just another day at the Borovic household.

The Crew: Karlie's Version

Karlie got to stand outside the dugout with her dad for the big game. Although they didn't give her dad a personalized jersey, he was sporting the Cardinals pride with his shirt and hat.

The Crew: My Version

We sat a little bit β€” OK, a lot β€” farther back than Karlie did, but I'm willing to bet that we had just as much fun.

When it came to our outfits, Karlie and I aren't too different. I just don't think I'll be asked to throw the opening pitch of an Indians game any time soon.

Images: Kali Borovic