What Is The Freaks And Geeks Alliance on 'BB17'?

It’s finally the time in this show when all of the Big Brother alliances that were initially formed start to shake themselves free of the weaklings. I picture a miner panning for gold — all of the flimsy alliances are being shaken loose, while the solid ones stay behind. And, if we’re going to stick with that analogy, then The Freaks and Geeks alliance may just be made of solid gold. But, who is in the Freaks and Geeks alliance? It formed early in the season, so I don’t blame you for not remembering. Since the alliance began, it’s remained relatively quiet, becoming a sleeper alliance until recently. But, with all of its original members still in the house, the alliance has a sudden majority — and now that Shelli and Jackie are out, this alliance can do some serious damage.

So, let’s talk membership, because this is the alliance that could ultimately take the entire game. My feeling is that, if this alliance really sticks together, they could make it all the way until the end with its original members: Liz, Julia, Austin, Vanessa, and Steve. What an upset that would be! No James? No John? No Becky? These houseguests, who have lately looked like they are going to take it all the way, would be totally out of luck if the Freaks and Geeks alliance sticks together.

The fact that all of its original members are still in the house is probably a good sign that they will make it far in this game. They’re obviously some of the strongest players in the house. And, with only a few people stacked against them, they have a majority when it comes to evictions, nominations, and competitions. As long as they aren’t actually gunning for each other, there’s a very good chance that they will be the final six houseguests left in the Big Brother house.

As a first time Big Brother watcher, I find all of this fascinating — the fact that an alliance that has remained pretty much dormant for the entire season can suddenly spring up and take the whole thing. I guess that’s the point in making all of those initial alliances. It’s all starting to make sense to me now!

And considering the Freaks and Geeks alliance has some of my favorite players in it — TEAM JULIA FOREVA — I’m pumped that they have the chance to keep each other safe and win the entire thing.

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Image: CBS