All The Brands That Came Back To Us This Year

by Renata Certo-Ware

It seems like just as fast as a fashion brand shutters, another formerly-dead brand rises again. There are sometimes decades between reincarnations, or, as we're seeing plenty of these days, just weeks or months, with beloved brands like Limited Too coming back to the fashion marketplace.

Earlier in August, news broke that C. Wonder would be making a triumphant return (after only a few months after announcing bankruptcy) under new ownership and with stylist Brad Goreski at the helm as creative director. Also making a big comeback, again after was essentially no more than a few weeks out of business, is Delia's, which relaunched as an online and catalog only shopping destination.

Whether it's pure nostalgia or the fact that there are no more good ideas, as writer Veronique Hyland suggests in the article on The Cut, it's clear that in fashion, creativity, finance, and consumer behavior are somewhat of a venn diagram, and success in either one of those fields alone does not a brand fund. Luckily for tween sensations like Delia's and Limited Too, heritage brands like Halston, and "we only just met" brands like C. Wonder, death does not become them.

Here are some of the brands that were just too good for this earth — well, until they came back, anyway.

Reed Krakoff

Devotees like Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore, and um, me, fell in love with the designer's architectural silhouettes like the sleek Boxer bag. The website is still down and all the stores, some of which were just a couple seasons old, have closed this year, but, according to Fashionista, word on the street is that the newest iteration for the label will be a lower-priced line with a younger client base in mind.

Limited Too

Happily, this pre-teen dream is slated to return in 2016. All those memories of bell-bottom jeans in mini-me sizes, rocking the photobooth with my Junior High squad, and stocking up on Spice Girls-themed Chupa Chups are flooding back, and I do not hate it.

C. Wonder

Tory Burch's ex-husband had a lot to prove with this alleged "revenge brand," and sadly, things didn't work the first time around. Not for nothing, women did adore the cute aesthetic and price-tags that were significantly lower than Tory's didn't hurt either — or maybe they did. We'll see this time around, perhaps the addition of Brad Goreski will elevate things a little.

H by Halston

This is a heritage brand is being revived in true 2015 fashion — with a splashy front-man (Decades' Cameron Silver) and it's own TV show (kinda — you can find it on QVC). Silver, who's already starred in his own Bravo show, is used to the silver screen, so hopefully his larger-than-life personality will be enough to bring Halston back to it's former glory.


When Delia's announced its bankruptcy, malls across America got a little bit less sparkly, but mourners barely had time to dry their tears before it was announced that the brand would be back, with the catalog revamped to function more like a mag and a lighter, more curated webshop. The universe is now back in balance.

Images: Racked/Twitter