Why Steve Totally WASTED His HoH Stint On 'BB17"

Steve, Steve, Steve. Why did you do what you did on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother? You, Steve, won HoH on Big Brother 17! You had the opportunity to make some serious moves in the house! And what did you do with all of that power? You totally wasted your very brief stint as Head of Household. Instead of shaking things up and putting some big stuff into motion, you nominated two of the house’s favorites: Meg and Jackie. As two relative non-threats to yours and everyone’s game, the move left me seriously wondering what you're thinking. Why did you completely waste your time as HoH?

Just think, Steve: You could have played your time as HoH in some seriously strategic ways. You could have gone the way of James and nominated the biggest threats in the house: that would have made a lot of people happy. But, instead, you pissed off pretty much everyone in the house by getting rid of Jackie. As a result, Becky, Meg, and James are all now super suspicious of you, and are likely all asking themselves just what you are ultimately trying to pull in your game.

This is, really, the last thing that you want in the Big Brother house.

You also pissed of a lot of people by nominating two houseguests that everyone loved, Steve. I’m sure everyone would have appreciated you nominating someone like Vanessa or Austin — two really big threats in the house. But, by nominating the two houseguests that are totally beloved by everyone else, you now have everyone wondering what the heck your overall strategy is in the house. In other words: This move looks super shady, and you’re now the center of everyone’s suspicion. Not a good place to be after your time as the Head of Household.

Not to mention the fact that you didn’t even get rid of a serious threat while you had the chance to. How many friends of yours did you alienate by getting rid of someone who probably wouldn’t have won the game anyway? (I mean, no offense, Jackie fans, but the girl was pretty much floating through the season. There were some weeks where I wondered if she and forgotten she was even playing a game.) So, getting rid of Jackie was sort of a waste of an eviction — how annoyed must the other houseguests be about that?

Probably a lot, Steve. Probably a lot.

So, yeah: Not only did you waste your time as HoH by not making any big moves, you also burned a lot of bridges and brought a lot of unnecessary attention to yourself. As bold as James’ move was to nominate both Shelli and Clay when he was HoH, it was the one stint as HoH that no one has complained about. Something tells me you should take a hint from James’ book, Steve, and play any future HoH stints that you win hard in order to keep everyone’s trust.

You have a lot of ground to make up right now, but I believe in you. Just keep your head down and your alliances strong.

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