Clare Needs To Be The Next 'Bachelorette'

Don't let the grandiose speeches or raccoon chats fool you, Clare Crawley from Bachelor in Paradise is the freaking best. She killed on Juan Pablo's season, turning him right down when he went in for the post-dumping hug and left like a boss. She showed up again on Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise was quickly slut shamed, and then bailed. See, she knows that she is a grown woman who has no use for that nonsense, and didn't stick around just for the heck of it.

She's back for round 2, but it is looking increasingly likely that she's about to ditch the island again, due to lack of potential men. It's always harder to come into the show later after people have made their connections, but even if she was there from the beginning none of these guys scream "Clare". So, Clearly Clare should be the next Bachelorette, rocking the franchise and finding a real connection.

Let's give her a shot at really finding a match by having a whole team of guys vying for her attention instead some Bachelorette castoffs she has no connection with. Not sure she's right for the job? These six reasons should convince you (and the ABC casting team).

It Would Complete Her Franchise Hat Trick

She's been on The Bachelor, and now two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. If Bachelor Pad were still around she'd probably be on that too! All she needs is the Bachelorette to work the whole circuit, and I want to see her do it.

She's On A Mission

She's been more then clear that she's on a mission to find love, and she is not messing around. If she's not interested in a guy (looking at you Mikey) she cuts him loose. Her standards are totally Bachelorette-ready.

She's Good For Drama

We've already seen that regardless of the show, drama follows her around like bees to a BBQ. I know I'm not alone in wanting exactly this for my reality TV.

She Tells It Like It Is

Nothing makes you more perfect for the Bachelor franchise then an keen ability to make an impromptu impassioned speech, and then storm off in a huff. Clare can and will do both at the drop of a hat.

It Would Mean The Return Of The Raccoon

In Season 1, Clare was the subject of some truly hilarious editing when her conversation with a producer was made to sound like a conversation with a raccoon. This season, they've kept up the animal-chats on Paradise with carbs and the same raccoon. If she went on the Bachelorette they could do the first ever animal crossover, and, let me tell you, that raccoon is freaking hilarious.

She's Ready For Adventure

She very clearly did not want to go bungee jumping, but was down for it because that's what the date-card said. Most of the Bachelorette dates usually involve various levels of death defying stunts, so she'll be right at home on the show.

It's time for Clare to find her man, and if she can't do it on Paradise for the second time, it's only right that she be given the Bachelorette spotlight.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; giphy(5)